Men In England Now A-Bed…

The tale of the Brits who, despite their government’s best efforts to neuter them, dealt with the terrorist attack in London over the weekend:

Of course, the Brits are lucky it’s a story that’s gone ’round the world; if it were regular street crime, they’d be prosecuted more seriously than the thug.

It’s something to celebrate – and take as a warning. “Progressive” government – in this case, one that strips citizens of their means and right to self-defense, rendering a citizen a subject – is a bigger danger than terrorism.

6 thoughts on “Men In England Now A-Bed…

  1. I still worry a little big for the man who took the knife away from the terrorist. That man was shown standing nearby with a knife in his hand. Holding a knife in public like that is a big no no in England. There’s probably some police official that is having a difficult time overlooking that.

  2. All I can say to those who stopped this waste of oxygen is “f*** yeah!”. May their tribes be blessed.

    It also strikes me that going after a knife-wielding thug with a narwhal tusk and the like would make a great Monty Python skit, except of course for the reality that people were really getting wounded.

  3. Guy makes terrorist threats, gets convicted. Serves six years. Convinces the prison counselor he’s reformed. Gets out, goes to a conference on prison reform at which he’s the prison counselor’s star pupil. Pulls out a knife, kills the prison counselor and slashes a few other people before he’s chased out of the conference center by a by-stander holding a narwhale tusk and eventually is shot dead by police.

    What’s wrong with this picture?

    Plainly, the narwhale tusk. That’s an offensive weapon, that is. And the by-stander chased down the victim as he was peacefully leaving the scene, having completed his business. Why wasn’t that narwhale guy arrested? Plainly, a case of racist white privilege, prosecutor no doubt bought-and-paid-for by the narwhale fishing lobby.

  4. You think you’re being sarcastic and funny, JD – OK, *I* do – but I bet there’s someone in the the UK police who working on that very angle.

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