Re-Education Needed

Target claims it is a corporate leader for social responsibility, even going so far as to have transgender bathrooms, but they pay their workers a pittance.

Evil selfish bastards. Fight for 15!

In 2010, Target found on the hard way that there is no “progressive enough” when dealing with the Big Left’s mob; that a decade and a half of prostrating themselves to the howling mob didn’t protect them when the howling mob needed a kick toy.

Will they need to be educated again?

5 thoughts on “Re-Education Needed

  1. In the same vein, but different company: “under pressure from LGBT protestors, Chick-Fil-A states that it will no longer donate to the Salvation Army and several other Christian charities”. I can’t imagine this will go as senior management at CFA expects.

    And besides, LGBT protesters, knowing that CFA will bow down, will not up the ante.

  2. jdm, I was perusing that story on National Review. I’m sorry to hear they are buckling, but hey, business.

    BTW, I saw an article by James Lileks there on NR. Good to see he’s still out there cranking it out; love that guy’s writing.

  3. jdm,

    Maybe this is why CFA caved;

    Although, several years ago, Dan Cathy declared that while “Gay marriage is still wrong, but I’m just going to shut up and sell chicken”, this is an interesting development. It took this long for them to make this latest move, despite the fact that leftist boycotts and protests have been boons for CFA sales.

  4. Interesting, boss, but I can’t imagine that caving to a extremist lefty group is going to end well for CFA. Especially when this reeks of the usual anti-Christian activities. As written at Powerline:

    The Salvation Army is probably the purest force for good in the U.S. The idea that it is “anti-LGBT” is false; the Army serves all comers. Of course, as a Christian organization, it does not subscribe to the radical LGBT agenda. But so what? Is kowtowing to demands of the most extreme elements of a tiny minority now a prerequisite for being allowed to do business?

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