Your Best Interests, Peasant

Just remember – when “progressives” whinge about red areas and GOP voters not “voting for their best interests”, that they are the people who brought you stories like this:

Baltimore has just hit 300 homicides for the fifth consecutive year, reported The Baltimore Sun.
On a per-capita basis, Baltimore is one of the most dangerous cities in America…The murder crisis in Baltimore could hit a record this year. There are 47 days left, and as of Saturday morning, 301 homicides have been logged into The Baltimore Sun murder map — as shown below: 

As Maryland ramps up its persecution of the law-abiding gun owner, the murder spree is actually accelerating:

All of this as the murder rate outside Democrat-controlled cities shrinks

So tell us about those “best interests” again?

16 thoughts on “Your Best Interests, Peasant

  1. Philadelphia used to be my gold standard for aweful, but then I went to Baltimore.

    If you enter the city from the NE on 83, first thing to greet you is the city jail. It looks like a smaller St. Cloud pen, except it’s literally covered in barbed wire. It covers 2 city blocks with an air of doom.

    Barbed wire is a theme in Baltimore. It covers fences everywhere. The trash is overwhelming to eyes and nose; the turn of the century row houses are the stuff of nightmares, and wherever you travel, your head is on a swivel, watching for an attack.

    The “jewel” is the inner harbor. It’s a pathetic attempt at a touristy destination, but it’s usually empty because you have to cross through several battlefields to get there.

    If you’re interested in a preview of what our life as a racial minority will look like in a 20 years, Baltimore is your place.

    Philly is just as bad, but the horror is spread out more. Baltimore is concentrated misery.

  2. BTW. Chicago has always been a corrupt city, but the corruption left room for some civic pride and sense of duty.

    That’s changing in Chicago now, but Baltimore is what you get when everyone from the DC reps, to the Mayor to the DA, to the kid selling crack on the corner are actively looting with abandon.

    They literally don’t gaf about anything but dat cash. I’m amazed the death toll is so low, tbh.

  3. I live in what’s considered to be a “good” neighborhood in St. Paul, but to get to work, I have to drive through a “bad” neighborhood, or else drive about 6 miles out of my way to avoid the “bad” neighborhood.

    The problem with the “bad” neighborhood is the language. I really only speak American White fluently. I don’t understand Cockney, Australian, or American Black as spoken languages, their accent and vocabulary is just bewildering. So I have to rely on other clues for meaning, such as tone, volume, facial expressions and gestures. And driving through the “bad” neighborhood, I get the impression that me bringing my racial and economic diversity to their living space is not welcome, it’s disdainfully tolerated. And that’s during rush hour, when I’m one of thousands of middle-class White men driving through the “bad” neighborhood to get to work, or get home. At other times, I doubt I’d be accepted as peacefully.

    I already White Fled one neighborhood to get to this one. I’m not looking forward to fleeing again. But I don’t think I have a choice. I hear gunshots in my ‘nice’ neighborhood, and sirens, and see the plastic memorial displays on the sidewalks where people died creeping ever closer to my home. The rot is spreading.

    I know, Betty McCollum doesn’t like hearing about it, and Mayor Carter is going to study what to do about it real soon, but I’m telling you straight up – I’ve lived in this burg for decades and it’s getting worse.

  4. Strange days – the StarTribune actually featured a commentary over the weekend from a retired and proud progressive, directly asking Betty McCollum in the headline if she would let them know when it is safe to ride the LRT again. The writer said he and his wife had moved to Minneapolis from Rochester when they retired, eager to participate in the vibrant urban experience of shows, restaurants and public transportation. It seems a couple of those public transit experiences have been a little too vibrant – even terrifying. Of course, reality checks get delivered every day, but it is amazing the Strib published this, with the McCollum headline, and also allowed comments – some 580 already posted when I read it.

  5. “I get the impression that me bringing my racial and economic diversity to their living space is not welcome, it’s disdainfully tolerated.”

    What you’re detecting isn’t disdain, Joe; it’s the hungry eyes of a predator stalking prey.

    Although I’ve lived in some bad ones in Cali, I can honestly say I’ve never “white fled” a neighborhood or a state. It’s the leftist reprobates that give me the motivation to leave. I can deal with thugs, because they do not have the ability to dictate how I live and they don’t have access to my bank account, but a government choked full of grasping leftists can and does. My quest to be left alone to enjoy my life and raise my sons has now stretched from coast to coast. I’m making my stand here.

  6. NW, I just read that editorial, and I loved this comment:

    “I’ve taken the light rail during rush hour and very late into the evening. I’m also a woman. I’ve NEVER felt unsafe on the light rail and in most cases there is police present. I think people are taking the few one off situations to deem the city unsafe for political reasons.”

    I don’t wish this dimwit any harm, and maybe she’s telling the truth; rides all the time at all hours, I doubt it, but I can’t be sure. But in denying the danger that many others have been exposed to, she is complicit in the deterioration and rot of urban America. God forbid some feral Negro youth (let’s not kid ourselves about who we’re talking about) ever attacks her, but a black eye is sometimes the only thing an idiot understands.

  7. I remember going to Baltimore for a set of meetings–right after the Preakness in 2012–and being quite astounded at the number of bums there were right there in the Inner Harbor. Keep in mind I grew up 18 miles from Michael Jackson’s boyhood home in Gary and spent a lot of weekends in Chicago. I don’t shock easy, but Baltimore shocked me, and it’s obviously gotten worse. The ugly fact is that successful neighborhoods send subtle but firm signals that certain behaviors are not welcome, and that was absent there.

  8. I don’t wish this dimwit any harm, and maybe she’s telling the truth; rides all the time at all hours, I doubt it, but I can’t be sure.

    I’ve learned in the past few years – and in no small way from this very blog – that lefties lie in the service of their beliefs. PeeVee, Emery 1 and 2, Doggie, all of ’em. They don’t lie because they think they can get away with it (although they do think that), they lie because they have little if any respect for reality or truth. If you confront them with facts that expose their lie or sabotage their beliefs, they never, ever apologize and promise to do better. They disappear and then reappear at some later time as if nothing happened and lie again.

    You are far more likely to be correct to simply assume that everything they say is a lie.

  9. I hate to keep hogging this thread, but, kerist there’s just so much today.

    Here’s a specimen that impinges on this topic directly.

    “Plea Bargain, Stayed Sentence for Repeat Offender Convicted in Green Line Robbery”

    Here’s the part I really like:

    “Under the terms of a plea agreement, two other felony charges of prohibited person in possession of a firearm or ammunition were also dismissed at sentencing.”

    I really don’t know how much more blatant the reprobates can be. They’re laying it right out there for you too see. They don’t give a fuck about “gun violence”, they just want to disarm you.

  10. I have a still-in-moderation follow-up comment to one of yours from above, Swiftee, but I can’t see why the concern about hogging the thread. You are keeping things within the thread. And they’re interesting.

  11. I agree with your observation, jdm. “I ride the train at all hours” is like “my neighbor is a nationally known expert” on whatever we’re discussing.

    I have found leftists to be inveterate liars, although not very good ones; it’s (yet another) manifestation of their mental illness, imo, and I mean that literally; I’m not being facetious. Every plagiarized comment D_K posted here (dozens) was a lie, and a theft; being caught didn’t even put a hitch in his step.

    These people disgust me in every way; they’re a plague on civilized society.

  12. It strikes me that some of the things Swiftee links are a lot like failing to show criminal immigrants the door. If you allow antisocial and criminal behavior, you are going to get more of it. Agreed as well that if you won’t prosecute gun crimes for an armed robbery by a repeat offender, you can just stop telling me that you’re interested in gun violence. You’re interested in using those crimes as an excuse to confiscate guns.

  13. Bike Bubba, you’re stuck on The Broken Window theory, the notion that quality-of-life crimes matter because if society lets them slip, the crooks turn to larger crimes. That may have worked to reduce crime in the 80’s, but now it’s been conclusively determined to be racist and hateful and therefore unacceptable.

    See also:

  14. Yeah, you’re right, Joe. It’s not as if “the police have your fingerprints, mugshot, and DNA on file” might be a deterrent to crimes where your fingerprints, picture, and DNA might be left behind.

    Oh, wait. Never mind. It’s not like the families of young punks might want them to have a “Come to Jesus” moment where they’d realize their sins will lead to death or anything. Except they would.

    Worth noting as well that in San Fran, public urination is also a good guide to “who needs professional help”. So “kind” of them to take away the primary route to help for these people.

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