The FBI is politicized.

The Federal law enforcement system is largely an extortion racket.

The IRS is weaponized against conservative groups.

Academia from Kindergarten through Post-Doctoral levels is an indoctrination scam.

The media – on whom we once counted to keep government accountable – is a PR firm for one political party.

Sometimes it seems like our self-appointed idiot “elites” have this thing sewn up.

And I don’t think they know what a bad thing that’s going to be for them:

So what are we to do? When faith is gone, both of the spiritual and the political variety, what remains? People seek peace and prosperity, and will happily live with an untold number of illusions so long as they have those two things. Perhaps we’ve been doing that for a while. But what happens when those are gone? History shows us that when the ruling class and elites refuse to do what they should and instead do what they can, creating a government rigged in their favor, destroying the rule of law, and papering over corruption and injustice, the peasants pick up pitchforks and torches and they come for those who have behaved so abominably. Perhaps our elites should read more of that history.

I’m not sure the “elites” are quite that clueless; it is why they’re trying to grab the guns.   And, eventually, the pitchforks.  

9 thoughts on “Pitchforks

  1. Trump is pretty much committed to creating an alternate reality for his supporters to live in.

    This is the logic trump supporters can’t comprehend, you can’t demonize over half the country and then mysteriously believe they’ll somehow or someway vote for you..

  2. In what world is Joe Biden an elite? People don’t object to rule by elites, they object to rule by self-selecting aristocrats.

  3. But what happens when those are gone?

    Too late for that. They’re already gone.

    Caucasians will be a minority in this country within 20 years; the reprobates are not just bragging, it’s going to happen. We could shut down the border today, and unless we also deport the 20 million Guatamexidorians that are here already (not gonna happen, friends), they will quite simply breed us out. When you have no financial obstructions to having a huge family, nature will take it’s course. It will become impossible to elect a conservative anywhere with a population larger than 30,000.

    I don’t have to elaborate what that combination will result in; think LA on a national scale.

    Once you free your mind and embrace the truth, the question becomes how best to deal with it. Personally, not being a throw in the towel kind of guy, I foresee a geographical division eventually, but that’s not going to happen for many years. We’re going to need to plan for the short term.

    We are going to have to get clever about isolating ourselves, our families and our fortunes from the diverse vibrancy and the pozzed, leftist leadership….damned clever. We won’t be able to count on the government, of course, and that includes the judicial system which will be completely staffed with woke sjw’s and entitled non-Caucasians. Banks and financial institutions will decline to do business with anyone who doesn’t celebrate the decline of Western culture. The machine will be actively working against us.

    Pshaw, you say? Well friends, here’s a fearless prediction. Very soon, there will be a groundswell demanding the end of 4th of July celebrations. It will be completely “grassroots”, of course…not carefully planned at all. The MSM will just be reporting the news, not fomenting hate. If you’re not convinced today, you had better be when that happens because they’re telling you something.

    We will have to evolve a completely closed, tightly knit society while still operating within the larger population. I believe we can do it; we will still control the means of production, but there’s going to have to be some suffering before everyone buys into the new reality.

  4. Somehow Frederick the Great of Prussia comes to mind; if I wished to punish a province, I would have it governed by philosophers. There is a point where the amount of data coming in is going to be so great, people are going to refuse to go along. Great column by Ned Ryun.

  5. If you go to any period in history, and make straight line projections of social trends, you always end up with a disaster. The world now looks nothing like the utopian or dystopian visions of the future we had a half century ago. It would be interesting to learn if people are better at predicting their own future than they are at predicting the future of their society or country.

  6. ” you can’t demonize over half the country and then mysteriously believe they’ll somehow or someway vote for you.”
    As Hillary discovered in 2016.

  7. The seldom mentioned problem with the monarchies that once ruled Europe was in-breeding. Marrying your cousins did make world wars and holiday gatherings more interesting, but those recessive genes can be a bitch.

    You see the same thing today among our “elites”, especially concentrated in the New York-D.C. Acela corridor. It’s not the actual genetics, as such, but the hegemony of thought. While there’s plenty of inter-marrying between politicos and media, it’s the promotion and acceptance of stupid thinking that gets progressively insulated from reality. The consequences are just as inevitable.

    In the meantime, it will be amusing to watch the bureaucratic horror if the bill that’s been introduced to move federal agencies out of D.C. and into the regions more directly related to their supposed function; e.g., Dept. of Agriculture to Des Moines; Dept of the Interior to Denver, etc.

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