Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Ilhan Omar, credibly charged with marrying her brother to commit immigration fraud, is pretty.  Not a Hollywood knockout, but pretty.  Katie Hill, who just got caught in a three-way sex scandal, is pretty.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, promoter of the Green New Deal, is pretty.  They’re all young, pretty, first term members of Congress and they’re all having trouble – with family, party, and the media.  I think I see the problem. Congress is unfair to pretty girls.
Everybody knows that pretty girls don’t have to.  They don’t have to . . . anything.  They don’t have to worry about finding a date for the dance, they don’t have to wait in line to get into the nightclub, they don’t have to pay for dinner or drinks.  Pretty girls do whatever they want and everyone lets them get away with it, because they’re pretty.
But suddenly, these pretty girls get to Washington and Congress has weird rules expecting pretty girls to act the same as ugly girls and dweeby boys and OLD people. That’s ridiculous. They’ve never had to play by those rules their entire lives.  Like they’re going to play by them now?  Totally unfair.
Joe Doakes

And with all the people identifying as pretty girls these days, it’s gonna get outta hand.

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  1. When someone resigns before an investigation is completed (or even started in this case) it often means the person knows additional damaging information is going to eventually come out and they don’t want to delay the inevitable. This is probably Hill’s way of “getting off the front page” as soon as possible.

  2. Which works better?

    Pretty girls can be psychopaths too!
    Pretty girls can be sociopaths too!

  3. You need better standards, JD. The three are not that pretty: they’re just not ugly. They’re not nearly pretty enough to get away with everything you mention. What little beauty they possess is/was trumped by their stupidity.

    Here’s a counterexample of someone who was just just as good looking when younger but not stupid. Evil? Sly? Devious? Sure, but not stupid.

  4. Omar, Hill and AOC are not pretty, they are photogenic.

    Somethings, you just stare at, not because they are pretty, but because they are compelling…..kinda like a car crash.

  5. Looks like we need an official ruling:

    1. Hill is cute, in way that can be either “girl next door” or “barfly”, depending on the context and you mood.

    2. AOC is attractive. Not “pretty”, per se, and I think that’s intentional; some of her older photos (from college, I think) were a lot more conventionally attractive. I think she emphasizes a lot of angularity in her personal style, to avoid any cute-girl stereotypes she might run into.

    3. Omar, whatever her many, many other issues, is pretty. Of course, she’s got a lot of people who make sure that’s her public image; the Strib‘s photogs can make Amy Klobuchar look fetching, for crying out loud. The ugly is below skin level with her

    Hope that settles things.

  6. Just a warning about jdm’s link: there are pictures on that page you cannot un-see.


  7. Did any of you see the video AOC did in college? She was a baby doll in that, and what a rack!

  8. Yes to both of kinlaw’s comments (Hang head. Sorry about that first link) and AOC is the best looking of the three – but also the dumbest.

  9. As long as we’re getting rulings here, I’d like one regarding the un-see-ability of my link versus Swiftee’s. Just sayin’, his is gonna give me nightmares.

  10. They’re all pretty.  Asserting they are not is a form of denialism.

    Omar is quite pretty, with a very pretty smile.  In the hierarchy of things that greases her as electoral phenomena, yes, being a pretty woman is way up there at the top.  I said here a couple weeks ago a Somali man with the same snarling commie anti-American views would not have gotten close to being elected, may not have been able to primary Kahn in the first place.

  11. jdm, sorry, it wasn’t that bad 🙂

    and swiftee’s link is now burned onto my retinas, replacing the pelosi pics

  12. That’s not it… different deals, different incentives, etc.

    Hill is not being “punished”.  She’s resigning to remove her private life from the examination of the press and the examination of an ethics committee hearing.  An ethics committee hearing can be set in motion much easier with this, there are staffers involved…

    The evidence of Omar’s marriage fraudulence is not really arguable among serious people, but the Democrats are not going to allow a house ethics investigation of it unless there is some radical change in momentum.

  13. She’s resigning to remove her private life from the examination of the press and the examination of an ethics committee hearing.

    Oh, please. She banged the help. It’s not allowed; the resignation was demanded. The fact that she allowed (perhaps encouraged?) all those pictures of herself in various conditions of (un)dress in various locations indicates to me an amazing level of stupidity (something I harped on above) in this day and age or a narcissistic personality that is does very stupid things. Privacy only became a so-called issued after she was caught. With her pants down. Literally.

    And no, you’re not gonna brow-beat me with some lame-ass accusation of being in denial about the looks of her and her knuckleheaded “comrades”.

  14. It was demanded, but if she had the fortitude to tough it out against Pelosi and go through her ethics hearing, the adjudication of this would not be that she was removed from office…she’d get censured.

    I ain’t trying to brow beat anyone….

    If its a boolean proposition, pretty vs uggo, these gals are all pretty.  And the point is they skate on their looks a bit.  Its true.

  15. Censure? It’d be the end of her career. In all the wailing and gnashing of teeth about this kerfuffle, I saw nothing that blamed the Democrat leadership for this end result. This, to me, means that the resignation demand had teeth and was seen as a fait accompli. For example, Pelosi would never give her any meaningful or worthwhile committee memberships. Her campaign financing from the party would be stifled. The party would perhaps even support an alternative primary candidate.

    I guess I’m in the minority as the three’s looks and how much they can take advantage of it. I still think their stupidity trumps their looks, but I’ll accept a YMMV.

  16. There is definitely a douche lefty PR gambit at work here where ‘revenge porn’ and its implied association with misogyny, this with its implied association to Republicanism, is supposed to blamed for the fact her career cant go on…  As if, ya know, the prole and bourgeoisie middle class voters of the lower imperial valley there with their conventional values aren’t going to size up this woman and her throuple as a freak show.

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