You Have To Be Breathtakingly Depraved To Join Our “Elite”

Not really sure who this person is…

…but if the Democrat messaging strategy is, as it seems, to be to say pretty much anything without bothering with fact, logic or reason, it seems to be working.

13 thoughts on “You Have To Be Breathtakingly Depraved To Join Our “Elite”

  1. Rigorous intellectual analysis is not required in Liberal circles.

    What’s required is rigorous, uncritical belief in the tenets of the Liberal Gospel.

  2. JD, why do “rigorous intellectual analysis” when gaslighting is so much easier, and for many of our fellow citizens, more effective.

  3. Pig, the latest Scat Fransisco joke making the rounds is “oh San Fransisco, please add our state to the blacklist”.

  4. My sister is visiting from California (SF Bay area). She leans left, of course, but she is not off the rails (like our youngest sister). I told her I was not going to slag Cali or Calians, during her stay. Her response caught me off guard.

    Evidently California is no longer the land of milk and honey.

    The SF Bay area has long been a destination for Chinese and Mexicans have always been there, but evidently now it has been invaded by dot Indian tech workers, Pakis and Sikhs. Evidently the place is lousy with them; they’re living 10 to an apartment. Sis says her son is being bullied by dot kids who, get this, surround him, demand he solve math problems, and mock him for a dolt if he comes up with the wrong answer. She says the dots, Sikhs and Pakis are now a majority on city councils and school boards; they’re enacting regulations to suit themselves. She says she and her husband are talking about moving out because they feel like outsiders.

    I told her she was being replaced, and that she had done it to herself. She agreed. I cut to the crux “Let’s just be honest, you want to be around white people. Diversity sucks, doesn’t it?” She attempted to side step it, but shortly she said it. “Yes, I want to be around white people.” I decided to push my luck, telling her that Trump had cut the number of immigration slots drastically. She reminded me that didn’t affect H1B visas; he should cut those, she said.

    My sister voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, but says she’s voting for Trump this time. I was gobsmacked.

    I believe this is happening to many who lean slightly left and fence sitters. I’m heartened, but it means little. Between abortion and mass immigration, California has become a foreign country. What good is “I told you so” now?

  5. I haven’t found the Indians in IT that way…. I rub elbows mostly with south Indians.  They are very pleasant.

  6. Everything is pleasant in moderation, JK. I worked with dot Indians when I lived in Cali, too. They were OK, but there wasn’t 300,000 of them there then.

  7. Back to the original premiss, it takes an incredible lack of self-awareness to fail to see the likely consequences of declaring entire classes of people to be Lebensunwertes Leben, or “life unworthy of life.” You would think every once in a while, one of them would think “now what happens when my life becomes inconvenient to others?”, but apparently no such luck. Not even when unwanted euthanasia is climbing the lists of reasons the Dutch and Belgians are dying these days.

  8. BB, as the great sayinggoes…. liberals ask if it feels good, conservatives ask if it does good. Best modern example the “War on poverty” and the unintended consequences of it. Heres out of wedlock birth rate over the last 50 years by race

    24% black
    3.1% white

    64% black
    18% white

    72.3% non-Hispanic blacks
    66.2% American Indians/Alaska Natives
    53.3% Hispanics
    29.1% non-Hispanic whites
    17.2% Asians/Pacific Islanders.
    That’s 40.7% overall.

    And its only gotten worse over the last 7+ years. I believe that this can all be directly traced to the 1964 War on Poverty bill LBJ signed that made the state these kids fathers basically. And almost no one says this these days.

  9. I think that some people are discovering that unless you are one of the preferred classes, the politicians on the Left will use you like a piggy bank, or worse. The American Left has adopted the position that freedom and wealth are limited, and the legitimate purpose of government — maybe the only legitimate purpose of government — is to parcel out freedom and wealth. You white person, you have too much freedom and wealth, you black person, we are going to give you this white person’s freedom and wealth and give it to you. They are often quite explicit about what they are doing. Freedom of speech and 2nd amendment rights are used to oppress women and people of color, etc.
    The first step towards government oppression of a group of people is removing government protection from those people.

  10. Bike Bubba:

    I’m glad you brought up Lebensunwertes Leben – lives not worth keeping alive – the Nazi program of euthanizing people that the government disliked. The gas chambers of the Jewish Holocaust wasn’t the beginning, it was a much later step along the way to a nation of perfect people which, in practice, meant eliminating sub-perfect people, a category that grew to include gays, gypsies, communists, and the terminally ill, whose lives were ended in hospitals by conscious decision.

    In America, we would never jump straight into another Holocaust. We would need to be conditioned to it. We’d need to spend a few years listening to our betters insist that unborn babies are not “people” and thus, have no right to live. After that, we’d move to Hillarycare in which an essential component of rational health care policy would be deciding when end-of-life care was justified, and when the old, sick person should be denied care. Not randomly, of course, but based on the decision of a panel of government experts who would determine when the old person’s live was no longer worth living – the Death Panel properly vilified by Sarah Palin.

    The Tweeter in Mitch’s post is not some far-left abortion extremist activist. She’s a certified professional fundraiser working for do-gooder organizations. She’s the product of 50 years of social conditioning.

  11. POD, that’s the same year I hit the eject button to get my son clear of the Poz.

    Your folks made the right call.

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