What Do You Want, A Cookie?

The media is gushing – not inappropriately – over Ellen DeGeneres’ defense of her friendship with Dubya.

To which I, and the vast majority of middle America who actually have to live in this world, respond “this is real life for most of us, the ones who don’t live in progressive cocoons.

Of course, Urban Progressive Privilege is all about living in a cocoon:

Urban Progressive Privilege means feeling entitled to feel upset that cognitive dissonance exists, and feeling you’ve got the right to make someone pay for it.

18 thoughts on “What Do You Want, A Cookie?

  1. Glad to see how tolerant and non-judgmental a person can be, sitting next to someone whose lifestyle and opinions are so different. Way to go, Mr. President.

  2. I commend Ellen for living up to her daily parting comments on her show; “Be kind to one another”.

  3. So, it seems Ellen is receiving a lot of negative feedback from progressives who are appalled at her behavior.

    How many conservatives have flamed Bush for sitting next to Ellen?

  4. I had a lot of left wing friends on Facebook, in the years leading up to the 2016 election and because of the 2016 and a few instances before even, election I lost all but one. The biggest common denominator though? With the exception of 2 psycho creeps they all unfriended me as they are wont to do. I say good riddance though, if you arent going to be friends with someone because of their political beliefs you arent really their friend anyway,

  5. I say good riddance though, if you arent going to be friends with someone because of their political beliefs you arent really their friend anyway,

    POD, I was dating a left-leaning law student while I lived in the Cities. She unfriended me on FB while we were still dating, because she felt my conservative viewpoints could hurt her as she worked as a clerk for a Hennepin County judge, and then attempt to build her career as a lawyer. And her fear wasn’t unfounded: A fellow clerk mentioned something one day about her “Republican boyfriend”, in a tone that suggested my ex-girlfriend was some sort of pariah for dating someone of a different political stripe.

    That was in the 2000s. Fast forward to 2019, where we have dating websites so there’s less chance of people being confronted with opposing views.

  6. Althouse has an interesting post about drug use among journalists and college students (primarliy adderall). It would explain a lot about our woke brethren, wouldn’t it?
    I’ve never used adderall, but according to Althouse, it makes you supremely confident in your abilities and your opinions, and your writing output increases dramatically, at least for some users. It also makes you suspicious of those who disagree with you.

  7. MP ypu just described modern jornalism to a T. Also modern leftism (NOT liberalism) PTR.

  8. Ian I spent my 20s (and one unfortunate expample when I turned 30) dating laft leaning women. It never worked out because political ALWAYS became a issue even though I genuinely didnt want it to. I grew up in a split household (although Mom in a Kennedy Dem who voted for W in 2004 because she hated Kerry) so I just thought that is what I was supposed to do. I have learned my lesson and will only date conservative-libertarian women now because of my horrible experiences Ive had in the past. I tried to make it work but I just cant in today’s climate. Which also means my dating pool has shrunk by 80% at least since I made that decision. I will still be friends with those on the left but I only date right leaning women from now on.

  9. I thought about the journalists and adderall connection and two names immediately came to mind: Matt Lauer & Chuck Todd. Why? Because seemed to reach the top of their profession without any special talent, not even good looks.
    So I looked at their wikipedia bios. There was nothing in there about adderall, but I was struck by how similar their bios are. Both attended college in an easy program, neither graduated on the usual track, both are half-Jewish but were raised irreligious, both got their start in local broadcasting, and slowly climbed the ladder to a national position. Nether has military experience. Read the bios, it’s eerie.

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  11. Hey ya know who’s 50 and on Adderal?  Me.  And have here and there for years.

    I don’t think its properly expressed to say it gives you supreme confidence in your abilities.  I would say if your ADD is manifested by living in your own head, and having a noisy mind, the amphetamine / speed qualities therein do spur you to action and execution in the real world.

    If you have writerly inclinations, there is something about it that lubes the process of getting your words out of your head and onto the keyboard.

    You can work your fanny off on Adderal, which is why I like it.

    Lauer and Todd aren’t no talents… figure in reality they are 99.5 percentile for eloquence and verbosity.  Which is the nature of their job.  They are conventionally TV handsome, not uggos.

  12. I haven’t done illegal drugs for almost forty years. To me the effects of adderall, according to medical sources, seem like the effects a powerful coffee buzz, w/o the jitters.
    OTOH, I know a guy who drank so much coffee he ended up in the ER with an irregular heartbeat.
    I don’t know if Lauer and/or Todd is an adderall user, I was struck by how closely their cv’s match up.
    I wouldn’t say that either is even TV handsome. Todd wears a goatie to hide his weak chin. Lauer looks looks like a sales manager at a medium sized company.

  13. Wasnt Lauer also busted for doing something unbecoming to a co-worker that would have gotten his ass canned in this #Metoo environment but he somehow survived it and is even thriving now?

  14. ^ There’s probably a lot of illegal use out there amongst the millenials.  Mine is prescribed.

  15. ^ Lauer did get canned for unbecoming behavior in this #MeTooo environment.  He thrives such that he drew $100M in salary before that.  He’s not working now.

  16. JK, shows you the impact he personally has on me. I still thought he was the co-anchor of the Today show.

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