4 thoughts on “Flying Pig Warning

  1. Oh, noes! If h@ll is gonna freeze over, just how cold will MN be this winter?

    Actually, it seems to me, from outstate MN, that those in the “public employees laborer union”, aka Mpls police, will get a visit from someone from the left, in some sort of authority, who will explain to them the costs of supporting Trump. And then things will be all better.

    Interested in hearing from those inside the 94 beltway.

  2. JDM – maybe tomorrow’s headline is that AG Ellison is investigating the union?

  3. We don’t need to protect the Kurds because they didn’t help us in World War II.

    Neither did the Armenians – they didn’t have their own country, nor did the Kurds. Shall we stand by while the Turks exterminate them?

    Neither did the Japanese, is it ok if the North Koreans attack them? How about the South Koreans, clearly they didn’t help us.

    Neither did the Germans, perhaps we should green light an invasion of Germany by the Russians.

    Neither did the Estonians, Latvians or Lithuanians, see above.

    It’s not derangement if the man is morally bankrupt. Given your obsession with spewing hate about Obama, your issues with X Derangement seem a little hypocritical, but at no point did Obama say that we can allow our allies to be destroyed because they didn’t help us 70 years ago (when they had no country). He has allowed this because Erdogan gives him money, because Putin wants it (for Assad), and because he simply doesn’t care, it’s not important to him. Asking a foreign government to investigate his political opponent, and holding desperately needed military aid approved by Congress for their support, THAT’s important, but protecting those brothers and sisters in arms who fought beside us to defeat the ISIS Caliphate, nah.. that’d be deranged.

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