9 thoughts on “Nothing To See Here

  1. Ha! As the article points out, the two punks used government sponsored bikes to make their escape, after assaulting and robbing a citizen on a government owned facility. Our benevolent dumb ass masters are sure looking out for us peasants.

  2. Heh. The “Blight Rail”. And another “the train is fine” reference. And not even metaphorical. Well-played, JD.

  3. The “nice ride” bike getaway is almost too perfect. Kids that are raised on government handouts are among the best customers of public accommodations; they know everything there is out there to be exploited.

    Most (all) light rail systems end up with dedicated PD’s as big as any medium size city. It’s, along with a union workforce, part of the enormous hidden cost of running public light rail.

  4. BTW, the news report made a point of recognizing there were only 182 robberies reported out of millions of rides.

    That’s fine, but IMO it’s incumbent on the media to be clear about the situation. 90% of those rides occur during morning and evening commutes, and consist of mostly white, working people.

    Feral Negro youth are smart enough to let the herd pass and pick on the stragglers; as any wolf pack would do. If, like me, the thought of carrying a firearm is much too frightening to you, you use public transit during off peak times at your peril.

    Leaving out that critical piece of information amounts to deliberate malfeasance.

  5. The Minneapolis City Council wants to get everyone out of their cars and onto the sidewalks and light rail – yet they won’t make the sidewalks and light rail stations safe for all the people they force out of their cars.

  6. This is almost too easy.

    Earlier this morning, radio traffic reports that Green Line trains shut down, due to “an incident” with a truck.

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