Placed Into Evidence

The President is coming to Minneapolis soon.

Mayor Frey has essentially said “Punch a Nazi – and everyone coming to see Trump is a Nazi.”

Just putting this out there for when “Anti”-Fa and the rest of Mayor Frey’s goon squad screw up in front of the most concentrated collections of video cameras, personal injury and civil rights lawyers in history look things over the morning after.

Note to plaintiffs attorneys: Feel free to use the above as evidence, if you need. My pleasure.

36 thoughts on “Placed Into Evidence

  1. It looks like Frey does not value the perspective or rights of Trump and his supporters.

  2. Thanks for the reminder, I literally just signed up and printed off my ticket at work. I volunteered at 4 days at the RNC. Im used to these people, even if they are a bit more violent and crazy these days.

  3. It will be interesting to see how long the lines are to get in. I know in some places in the country people sleep in line overnight for a spot to get into a next day rally. If that energy is here in the Twin Cities the dems are so unbelievably screwed.

  4. Referenced towards Obama, Frey’s deranged statement would put any conservative white man on a “Red Flag” list.

    It’s a not so subtle call to arms; guaranteed to have the streets filled with skinny, smelly leftists in hoods and maskies, throwing human waste at people. Frey feels comfortable saying it because he believes none of y’all are going to say shit about it; and he’s right.

    My boys will be there; together. I pity the scumbag that confronts them violently.

  5. Swiftee, I need to buy a Pinocets helicopeter ride tshirt before the rally, is there a link for that?

  6. “Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward insurrection against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent towards, or resistance against established authority. Sedition may include any commotion, though not aimed at direct and open violence against the laws. Seditious words in writing are seditious libel. A seditionist is one who engages in or promotes the interest of sedition.”
    From Wikipedia, not always the best source, but in this case, spot on.
    I think the boy mayor’s comments qualify.

  7. Frey’s comments are hardly threatening, and so, certainly APPEAR to offer no evidence whatsoever of enticing violence. But, as neither of us are attorneys, perhaps we should let an attorney comment on whether these words would actually qualify as inciting violence. With respect to Antifa, which we should recall means Anti-fascist, by the way, are you Pro-Fascist (rhetorical question, clearly you aren’t) – so, not sure why you feel so threatened by them.. have they clashed with right-wing goons and pigs? Sure, so what? How does that compare to what we saw in Charlotte? Do you see AntiFa running around singing “Blood and Soil”? Did they drive a car into a crowd, shoot up blacks in a church or the HUNDREDS of other documented right-wing terrorist acts? Further point, what evidence do you have of coordination by Frey with Antifa exactly? Oh, none? Ok, so this is Fake News.. as Frey’s comments in no way tell AntiFa or anyone else to engage in violence. So your unfounded accusation of incitement is nothing less than mud-slinging and demagoguery. Or as I like to call it, Thursday.

  8. Maybe Frey should expend public funds to investigate Trump’s malfeasance, as well as use public funds to smear any of his political opponents. Perhaps he should sick the police on his political opponents, too. I mean, as the mayor, the administration can do whatever the hell it wants with public funds clearly. Maybe they should investigate every right-winger in the city, send the police on frivolous, unfounded, tin-foil hat conspiracy theory accusation, much like your ludicrous accusation regarding Frey coordinating with Antifa (Freys’ goons, that implies coordination)…I mean, if Trump can do it, why not everyone else?

    God willing, this unbelievably corrupt, amoral pig of a human being will be either impeached or discredited to the point that he loses the Presidency in a landslide next year. He’s the most corrupt public official in the history of the universe and those who support him are nothing other than ostrich headed enablers, they too are the most immoral beings the universe has ever seen – …. wait, sorry, no you aren’t, I was letting my inner Donald run away.. instead how about we use evidence and facts to have a discussion. Your post isn’t that.

  9. I think I like the paddyboy comments the best of all the local trolls. Over-the-top, motor-mouth ranting at its finest. In this case, I especially liked the insinuation that Our Host might be Pro-Fascist… or that Mayor Frey should start investigating every right-winger in the city. And then closing out with instructions of how to have a discussion with facts and evidence. Man, you can’t make this up.

  10. JDM, Im sure the irony is wayyy lost on Penigma, we determined this is his new moniker a few weeks back because of the tell tale signs of his insane and incoherent rantings, he never even denied it he just went silent until these two posts that have the classic penigma signature all over them.

  11. When fascism comes to America it will come under the guise of anti-fascism- Huey Long 1935.

  12. Good comments, PoD. I knew it was Penny but in the recent past, one of the Spam-filter triggers was that name, so I used the new “nom de commie”. I guess you guys must’a broke Akismet because you can write that name with no problem. Well, except for Swiftee and me, we can’t. Along with all the other things that we apparently do to set the little eff’er off.

  13. I thought the signature hallmark of a Fascist regime was the trains run on time. Mitch doesn’t run the trains.

    But they do run on time, which means the Fascists are . . . .

  14. With respect to Antifa, which we should recall means Anti-fascist, by the way, are you Pro-Fascist (rhetorical question, clearly you aren’t) – so, not sure why you feel so threatened by them…

    Hmmmm. Let me think….oh, sure, because GFY scumbag.

  15. BTW, “antifa” defines fascism as anything antifa says it is. Antifa really is modeled on Stalinsim. All of the “anti-fascist” groups of the 1920s and 1930s were controlled by Stalin. back then, as today, they defined as fascist any political group that was not under Stalin’s control. So the Trotskyites were labeled fascists, and Orwell’s beloved Independent Labor Party was labeled “fascist” by Stalin, as were ALL of the non-Moscow aligned socialists fighting Franco’s loyalists in the Spanish Civil War and opposing Hitler in Germany.

  16. I learned from a couple of colleagues that plan on attending the rally, come hell or high water, that 100,000 anti-Trump protesters will be there to cause trouble. I am not going to divulge what they shared with me regarding identifying antifa scum balls, but if they pull it off, it should, be epic. Just to be clear, they do not condone, nor will they instigate any violence, but, knowing these guys, they won’t be victims, either.

  17. Say Peevee (or Laci, or Penigma), why don’t you throw the comments open on your penis blog? I bet the SITD readership would love to have a crack at you on your own turf. Or is your grip on the underlying thought process behind your twaddle so tenuous you don’t trust yourself to make a sustained argument in favor of the leftist maelstrom you support?

    You’re a weakling, Peevee. Own it.

  18. Boss hoss, got any websites that have quick tutorials on how to defend yoursef if attacked? I will not do any offensive measures but I do want to know some defensive ones so if someone decides to attack me I can incapacitate them quickly.

  19. Paddyboy, precisely what is “anti”-fascist about dressing up in all black and covering your face while you beat the snot out of your political opponents? Keep in mind as well that when one looks at actual policy positions championed by anti-fa, you’re dealing with people who want to ban guns, promote public transit (and make those trains run on time), and put far more power into the hands of government while demonizing those seen as opponents of the state.

    Now we can quibble over whether it’s the Communist or Fascist end of the socialist spectrum, but “antifa” is the biggest pro-fascism group in the country these days.

  20. POD,

    As of this morning, these guys have a group of 15 people, all former Marines and Green Berets. I have met many of them and they just look mean. I believe that where they walk, no grass will ever grow again. 😂

    My understanding is that they are going to pair up within a few blocks of the Target Center to watch for the thugs, then write down license numbers and secretly record the miscreants getting back in their cars to leave. They will then turn that over to LE.

  21. boss, that gives me a lot of comfort since I plan on being in line at least 3-4 hours before the rally starts.

  22. My understanding is that they are going to pair up within a few blocks of the Target Center to watch for the thugs, then write down license numbers and secretly record the miscreants getting back in their cars to leave. They will then turn that over to LE.

    Sounds like a plan. But the biggest problem “a pair” of guys will have is watching the thugs, while making sure they are not being counter-surveilled, either by the cops or the scumbags.

    In a riot, cops and scumbags are an equal threat to *everyone* in the area and a cop is just as likely to club you down as a skinny Commie. I’d wait until the following day to approach the cops with any evidence gathered. IMO, best bet would to go with teams of no less than 3; 2 to do the work, 1 to do nothing but watch whats going on around the team.

    Don’t get caught by surprise, don’t get seperated and always know how you’re gonna clear the area fast if you have to.

  23. POD, I hope you’re not going down there alone. If you do, you have to buddy up ASAP.

  24. ” I’d wait until the following day to approach the cops with any evidence gathered.”

    Forgot the most important part; plan on turning over the evidence anonymously. Get yourself a Protonmail account and send it from there. If it’s photos or video, you’ll have nothing valuable to add to it anyway, and you never want to talk to the police in person. They are not your friends.

  25. Swiftee I am but I will, but in case you forgot what I loook like I’m 6’4 250. Not exactly someone these scum sucking low-lifes want to deal with probably. And define buddy up please, this is new for me and Im all ears.

  26. POD, look for a group of regular people there to attend the event, Trump supporters, and stick around them. Don’t get around anyone from either side that is dressed for battle.

    You might think your physical size gives you an advantage, and in one on one or two on one combat it does; but it a riot situation it makes you stand out. People and cops will be watching you. Keep that in mind when you’re out there. Also remember the reprobates tactic is to completely surround a guy and rush in, one at a time, and take licks behind your back. That’s hard to defend against by yourself find a wall to keep them from getting behind you.

    (I had a video I posted on my blog at the time, of a pack of smelly leftist scumbags that confronted me at the ’08 convention, across from the HQ they had rented on Smith St. They tried to surround me, but I countered them. Keeping calm, keeping the positional advantage and always looking them in the eyes convinced them it was a no-win situation for them, and they buggered off.

    Wish I still had that video, but here is an account I posted on the Minnpost. The Youtube link in the comment is no longer valid)

    Most important thing is, if and when things start going South, get out of there; clear the area before the cops start busting heads and dragging people off. Like I say, they’re not gonna differentiate between Americans and leftist reprobates.

  27. Thanks for the tips Swiftee, I will take it all to heart and put it in practice, I am down there for a rally and I have no desire to get into any confrontations.

  28. Looking forward to the rally. Printed my ticket. Question for everyone: Is it safe to travel on the Green Line light rail from Snelling Ave.? Wife and I just moved to St. Paul.

  29. I would stay away from rallies where violence was probable. Don’t fight and win (or lose). Endure.

  30. “Paddy”

    “With respect to Antifa, which we should recall means Anti-fascist,”

    They could label themselves “My Little Pony” for all the significance the name has. Whatever the name, they are a bunch of entitled, upper-middle-class thugs who think their beliefs justify committing violence against “fascists” – where “fascists” = “everyone they disagree with”.

    They are different from Brownshirts (the Nazi goon squad) in exactly the same way the Red Flag (the German communist goon squad from the 1920s) were; not at all.

    ” why you feel so threatened by them.”

    Are you serious?

    Because they are violent thugs who have a penchant for pile-on attacks against people who they don’t like.

    For example, in 2017, when half a dozen of them harassed and threatened…

    …Preya Samsundar, a 5’6 woman who was reporting for Alpha News. They destroyed her camera and followed her to her car making all sorts of threatening noises. (Being basically snowflakes with masks, they do need to gang up on people; Preya probably coulda kicked the asses of any 1-2 of them in a straight-up fight).

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