Wages Of Overreach

In the wake of the crummy news on election night last year, I signed off our broadcast by urging people to look at the, er, silver lining; given a sudden influx of power, Democrats, especially “progressives”, would inevitably overreach.

They did. And they are.

And people are taking note; Pew shows the parties’ favorabilities have flipped since last year.

The media will be working overtime to fix that – you’re starting to see stories about hungry senior citizens, which is the media’s old standby when Democrats are in trouble – but so far all is as predicted.

40 thoughts on “Wages Of Overreach

  1. Interesting article you linked to there.

    So some Jews are starting to realize the reprobates are hostile? Who cares?

    According to what I could find, there are just short of 7 million Jews in the US; as a voting block they are completely negligible. So, what makes them an attractive demographic to politicians? Money and influence. Face the truth; Omar hates America as much as she hates Jews, but she isn’t wrong about those Benjamin’s, baby.

    And most of the Jews in America with power and money don’t identify as Jews out of any sense of religious faith or tribal loyalty, it’s simply a matter of family ancestry; mom, dad or both were Jewish, so I’m Jewish. Most of them have little to no empathy for Israel and none for the Jewish faith; they are dedicated leftists.

    When Soros, Geffen, Bloomberg, Styer et. al. decide not to fund America’s enemies, I’ll be impressed.

    ps. While we’re on the subject of Israel, someone needs to tell Netanyahu now isn’t a good time to be spying on us..

  2. “So some Jews are starting to realize the reprobates are hostile”

    There’s always some who get it. But like Saint Paulites who whinge about taxes and trash and crime, but can’t imagine not voting DFL, there’s a lot of ingrained behavior to overcome.

    Some people just don’t do “overcoming learned behavior” well.

  3. If they really try impeachment there will be a metaphorical bloodbath at the ballot box at all levels in 2020, and they might not get the majority again until I have grandkids.

  4. Overreach is an understatement. Now all the dhimmi candidates are totally on board with banning and confiscating ar style rifles (note to the trolls: ar stands for armalite, not assault rifle) and other long guns and sidearms. I am starting to get just a bit worried. I’m thinking maybe I should get over my dislike for guns and buy one. Maybe.

  5. Just look at what a sh*t hole Cali is becoming, but the Repubs didn’t even run a candidate for senator in 16 or 18, no chance Cali will ever elect Republicans again. The powerful live in enclaves, and don’t have to see the feces and piles of trash and rats and needles. So since they don’t see those things, they turn to the important matters, like banning straws.

  6. The reprobates are not gonna impeach, POD. The House comittee hearings and resolutions are nothing more than a way to get taxpayer financed campaign material for next year.

    What they do not seem to realize is, by the time they wrench everything to be had from the process, everyone will be sick to death of Nadler and his weasels. They’re not gonna kill Trump with the death of 1000 drips; there is nothing left.

    Besides, while they spin their wheels, Trump is quietly kicking their asses.

    Is anyone tired of winning yet?

  7. Kinlaw, not that they’d actually try it, but if any reprobate did enact any kind manditory firearm surrender, Trump’s greatest achievement, that of stuffing the judiciary full of conservatives, will ensure a quick and humiliating smack down.

    You can already see the effects in the several court victories Trump has notched. This effect will last for a generation, minimum.

    I’m not trying to talk you out of your fear of firearms, no sir. Far from it, as I’m frightened of them, too. (Shudder)

    I just don’t see anything drastic on the immediate horizon.

  8. Somewhere in this country there is a congressional district that thinks its a good idea to continue to elect Fat Nadler. Sometimes I think we’re doomed.

  9. Kinlaw, heres a little pick-me-up.

    Trump’s judicial picks: ‘The goal is to end the progressive state’

    “Donald Trump is radically reshaping the same federal courts that have been the biggest bulwark against his agenda – by picking mostly white, conservative men”

    “Trump could conceivably have handpicked more than 30% of the nation’s federal judges before the end of his first term, his advisers have suggested, and independent observers agree.
    …the lasting impact that court picks have on the lives of Americans means that Trump’s choices – and the sheer numbers involved – will help reshape America for the next half-century.”

    Oh hell yeah, I’ll take all of that you got.

    (Remember, D_K; slice lengthwise, not across.)

  10. I want to riff a bit more on the effect of Trump’s judicial victories.

    The anti-infanticide community (heh) has made its biggest gains by slowly chipping away at abortion, piece by tiny piece. Now Planned Parenthood is demonitized, bigly. Imagine the trickle down effect that loss of cash will have on the leftist politicians that have grown to expect it.

    The bad part is, gun grabbers have taken notice, and are employing the same strategy; see the various restrictions in place in CA, MA and NY…but wait! Something has changed.

    What happens when they try and defend their restrictions in front of a conservative, white, male judge?

    Kiss my pucker, ACLU.

    It’s a brand new ball game, friends. And the reprobates no longer have the gear to play it.

  11. It would be just too cute to have Beto’s commandos believe you when you said that you had lost your gun, or it was stolen.
    They would take clue from Stalin’s NKVD.
    If you insist that you can’t surrender your gun, they break a finger. Then another finger, and another. When they run out of your fingers, they start in on the fingers of your wife and kids. When everyone’s fingers are broken, if they still don’t have the gun, they throw you in a work camp or shoot you in the head.
    It is tried and true practice.

  12. What Beto is doing here significantly increases the likelihood Trump is re-elected. Regardless who the Democrat nominate as their candidate.

  13. The fake Mexican is promising to take your weapons, by force if necessary.

    The fake Indian is promising to raise taxes, ban fracking and revoke oil leases.

    The genuine Communist is promising to raise taxes to pay for SJW’s Wyminz Studiez degrees.

    The casting couch queen promises to make wipipul pay, and pay until it hurts.

    The kreapy uncle just wants to smell your daughters hair.

    Spartacus doesn’t have any plans beyond crushing his enemies and seeing them driven before him.

    They all agree the first thing they’d do is close ICE down and ignore immigration law.

    How can they lose?

  14. It’s becoming impossible to disguise the fact that the Democratic Party has run off the rails, and the choice on this side of the aisle is between Daddy Alzheimer and Grandma Scold.

    The thing is, Warren understands what is wrong with the current iteration of capitalism, but to get her shot at the brass ring she has pulled so hard to the left that ordinary folks cannot follow her. I watched my friend, who wants to support her, watch nervously last-night. Then, silence.

    We all know what is to come over the next few months. The only person laughing is Trump.

  15. Dow is over 27,000 again, despite the media’s attempt to “talk down” the economy with incessant coverage of Chinese tariffs and a looking recessions.
    Has any nation ever suffered as much from the rule of an idiot class of elites?

  16. Trump’s lies work because their emotional content satisfies many people. He marshals and reinforces the daily anger and frustration many people live with and he provides just enough hope, or feel-good, through his assurances that he did, or would, or will do his super-rich super-intelligent super-human best to make it all better. Lies can work powerfully and emotional lies are hard to beat because they engender similar emotions in people, creating a sort of team spirit based on common emotional energy.

  17. Funny, Obama’s lies worked just as well because their emotional content satisfied many people. Ditto, ditto, ditto… A guy couldn’t ask for a better description of how the left works.

    In general, as a meta-comment, the left always exposes themselves when they’re accusing the non-left of something.

  18. Trump’s lies work because the 1/4 wits they are directed towards have been so thoroughly indoctrinated by their reprobate commanders, they are utterly incapable of twigging the genius of keeping emotionally fragile, intellectually deficient NPC’s distracted to facilitate an agenda.

    They don’t even realize that Trump has overcome a full out offensive by the best the left has to not only shut down illegal immigration, but to severely curtail the marginally legal means leftists have relied on to import more Democrat voters.

    Mohammed Ali called it “Rope-a-Dope”; Trump calls it MAGA.

    The reprobate elite have been trying to emulate the tactic by applying old, busted tropes (racist! homophobe! misogynist! Nazi!) but to their dismay, real Americans simply turned them into brutally mocking memes.

    No wonder reprobates hate Trump so much; he’s beating the shit out of them.

  19. The U.S. budget deficit surpassed $1 trillion in the first 11 months of the fiscal year through August, according to data from the Treasury Department.

    Yeah, but the stock market is the economy!!

    President Xi has an advantage. He doesn’t have to run for reelection next year. China can get a better deal next spring when peak election panic arrives.

    China is buying pork and soybeans from other countries. They didn’t reduce the tariffs — they called off an increase. We’re seeing a pause, but all the previously imposed tariffs from both sides are still in place

    This is going to end just as anyone with a brain expected.

    China wins by giving Trump a few weak concessions. Trump claims victory anyway.

    Trump’s rubes cheer, having no idea what’s in the agreement

  20. No conservative I have ever spoken with or whom I have read has expressed anything that could remotely called “Obama jealousy.”
    No one is nostalgic for the Obama economy. No one wants another Ferguson. No one wants Isis to make a come back.

  21. Dunning_Kruger shares his economic insights!

    “President Xi has an advantage.”

    Oh…No shit?

    China’s Economic Growth Slows to Weakest Pace Since 1992

    U.S. tariffs and uncertainty around trade negotiations weighed on growth.

    The trade fight appears to have held back investment despite government encouragement and big tax breaks aimed at stimulating the economy. Exports fell on a year-over-year basis in June as higher U.S. tariffs kicked in.

    LMAO @ U poor fucking slob.

  22. Say D_K?

    As China suffers the Trump economic downturn, you know who’s gonna *really* suffer?

    The Africans who’s dictators have once again sold them into slavery, this time to China. And to make things worse, the Chinese didn’t transport them to China; they exploited them in their own damn countries…schwoops, there goes the reperations!

    Maybe Poland will take them in as refugees, eh?


  23. The Obama jealousy never takes a day off!

    I don’t think that word, jealousy, means what you think it does and for those of us that do know, you retort is both nonsensical and a non-sequitur. But do go on.

  24. I’m not half done with my puppet.

    Wooden head offered…

    The U.S. budget deficit surpassed $1 trillion in the first 11 months of the fiscal year through August, according to data from the Treasury Department.

    That’s really f*cked up, D_K. Some SOB is really screwing us.

    Say, who has “the power of the purse”? The House of Representatives, isn’t it? And who is the Speaker of the House, hump? Isn’t it San Fran Nan?

    And, oh hey, didn’t Obmama double the debt while he was doing the Nea Nea with Big Mike in the White House? Remember those shovel ready gifts to the union bosses? Yeah, that really got the economy going and fixed our infrastructure, didn’t It?

    Tell us, D_K. Why do reprobate leftists always f*ck our country up? Why are y’all so f*cking stoopid?

    Do us a favor, hump. Fill the tub…Lengthwise, not across.

  25. @ Swiftee: Of course China’s gonna agree to trade talks. They know the current incumbent in the Oval Office — who knows next to nothing about diplomacy — now faces a slowing domestic economy while heading into an election. From the Chinese viewpoint, this is the opportune time to play hardball (at the negotiating table) and extract as many concessions as possible. Trump needs the deal more than them if he’s gonna show he’s winning on the trade front or doing something to help the flagging economy.

    Maybe a few months before election day, Trump will clinch a deal and proudly brag about it to his fanbase. He might even tweet that he forced China to mend its ways on trade. In any event it will be years before we know whether anything was actually achieved with respect to IP theft.

    Meanwhile, officials of the Chinese will be sitting and grinning in Beijing, hardly believing their luck. I mean, they would’ve secured yet another bunch of concessions from a sitting US President desperate to project himself as winning, winning and winning.

    Meanwhile Americans are paying higher prices for everything made in China, farmers are filing for bankruptcy in record numbers and farm suicides continue since farmers know their markets they carefully groomed for decades are gone. What are we winning?

  26. Punch him down, D_K comes right back up for more…I LOVE this guy!

    Farmers Sticking with Trump”

    “President Trump is a businessman,” said John King III, 57, who raises soybeans, corn and rice with his father and nephew outside Helena, Arkansas, about 100 miles (160 kilometers) east of Little Rock. “He’s making a high-risk business decision that probably should have been made a long time ago.

    Notice, hump. I always provide a link, but hey, pulling the contents out of your shorts is OK too.


    “In Trade War, China’s Hard-Line Stance Risks Economy”

    By allowing the Chinese currency to weaken past a key level this week, China’s leader, Xi Jinping, is adopting a hard-line stance, in what is turning into a long-lasting duel between two economic superpowers.

    The Chinese leader had little choice, in the face of what he sees as a quixotic, emotion-driven President Trump, Chinese analysts say.
    He’s willing to sink the economy to save face. But they’re grining, right, hump? Even the Soviet Union was smarter than that…LMFAO!

    Do more, hump!

  27. Oh, and I’m real sorry you’re paying more for your Chinese cornhole probes, hump. #Sad

    But hey, we all have to do our part, right?

    LMFAO @ U

  28. F*ck. This guy is a gold mine…

    “Trump needs the deal more than them if he’s gonna show he’s winning on the trade front or doing something to help the flagging economy.”

    Oh…the flagging economy?


    Each month in 2019 has seen similar economic data including good job reports, wage growth, GDP, and high consumer spending. Despite big attempts by the media to talk the economy down, it hasn’t faltered.

    With Jay Powell’s announced interest rate cuts, the housing market forecast is looking better. And low rates are positive for any US enterprise that needs to finance its operations. These are excellent conditions for US companies.

    The economy added 164,000 jobs in July, with unemployment holding at an impressive 3.7%, near its lowest in half a century. Wages rose again, this time up 3.2%. Real GDP rose an impressive 2.1% in the second quarter. The stock markets remain near record levels.
    Even a chicken is smart enough to squirm away from the ax, but look at you go, little buddy!

  29. “Meanwhile Americans are paying higher prices for everything made in China, ”
    Inflation has not ticked up; US buyers are insisting that their Chinese suppliers eat the cost of Chinese tariffs, and that is what is happening.
    Chinese made US consumer goods are a small part of the US economy and a large part of the Chinese economy.
    Economics is not a science, it is one of the humanities. People who treat economics like a science are making a categorical error.
    A few weeks ago I heard a “conservative” economist (from Cato, of course) state that the effect on the US GDP of US tariffs on foreign goods was proportional to the square of the dollar amount of the tariffs.
    There is no empirical data to back up this assertion. It’s wishful thinking put in the form of a mathematical equation in order to bamboozle the rubes.
    It is a formula designed to conceal the truth (“Nobody knows nothing”). It explains why small tariffs have no effect on US GDP, and since we have not had large tariffs since the Great Depression, the equation is not testable.

  30. Off topic…

    MP, the wife and I will be stopping on the Big Island for a few days next March, on the way to Taiwan. We’ll be hanging with my cuz in Pahoa.

    You gonna be there still? Like to take ya out for a juicy steak and a cigar.

    Contact me tjswift at protonmail dot com.

  31. For cripes sake EI! Where in hell do you get your spew?! Funny that lefties like to use the additional deficit spending, but they’re fine with adding $185 million per year to it for the care of illegal aliens.
    And, you apparently missed the announcement a couple of weeks ago that Japan has opened their markets to U. S. agricultural products and earlier this week, Taiwan announced that they would be buying a few million worth of soybeans, pork and corn.
    Finally, I have farmers in my family in southwestern Minnesota and friends that own ranches in Montana and Wyoming respectively. ALL of them are solidly behind Trump and his, as they say, “long overdue hardball tactics” with the Chinese. By the way, they ain’t starving and are still making money.

  32. You would think that the people who believe that we are heading into a recession would want to reduce the number of immigrants with green cards & H1B1 visas so Americans could keep their jobs during the downturn.
    You would be wrong about that.

  33. Trump is caving — 2020 is just around the corner — the Chinese calculated right.

    If Trump was smart, he’d send Navarro packing along with Bolton.

  34. Emery wants to cave to Chinese tech pirates.
    This is the same “realism” that predicted Hillary could not lose against Trump, and believes that another liberal, elderly, female, lack luster senator from the East Coast can’t lose to Trump in 2020.

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