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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Counter-terrorism official claims that mass shootings in America are White right-wing terrorism and therefore should be handled like any other terrorists.
Author ignores untreated mental illness, claims it’s all White Supremacy and easy access to guns.  Only nation in the world to have this problem.  Article is easy to read, conveniently free of citations to studies or news reports or actual proof.  Entirely based on “I’m an expert, believe what I say,” which is a form of the logical fallacy “appeal to authority” that I’ve found particularly annoying since junior high school.
And what’s the proposal – treat White Supremacy like Muslim terrorism?  How?  Put all White American Presbyterians under surveillance?  Infiltrate spies into White organizations like the Kiwanis?  Tap the President’s phones (wait, already did that, it was a bust). No, the author wants the country to adopt two gun control bills presently in Congress, tinkering with background checks. 
Suppose the FBI receives a background check application.  Applicant has no criminal record, never officially diagnosed as mentally ill, not in their database.  But the FBI agent finds disturbing Facebook pictures of the applicant in front of a Nazi flag giving the Nazi salute saying “Finish what Hitler started.” 
Is that enough to deny him the gun?  On what legal grounds?  That he’s a member of the American Nazi Party?  “Being a hater” isn’t listed in any state or federal law as grounds for denial and for good reason – it’s political speech protected by the First Amendment, and thus cannot be used to deny firearms purchases under the Second Amendment.
The author was a Deep State government employee for years.  And his big solution to mass shootings – background checks – can only work if it’s expanded to include crushing unapproved political opinions.  Now we see why draining the swamp is more important that anyone thought.
Joe Doakes

If I were President, it’d be the moral equivalent of…

…well, not “war”. Maybe “dismantling the Department of Education”.

Which is, to be fair, mighty important.

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  1. Dismantling the Department of Education would be a good start. Is anyone noticing that whenever some federal program is initiated, the problem it was tasked to address never gets fixed, in fact often gets worse and the newly formed agency never goes away. The worst offender in my opinion is the Interstate Commerce Commission, an FDR era program ostensibly formed to promote interstate commerce. It became a heavy handed regulatory agency that was finally deprived of regulatory power in the Reagan presidency. Despite having no regulatory responsibilities, the ICC still exists; gathering data in the event it’s ever needed again. Today’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is in fact the first tax agency of the United States; collecting excise taxes on a variety of products like alcohol and tobacco. When the Infernal Revenue Service was formed, the BATF was allowed to continue, adapting into various roles as the laws changed. Government agencies never go away unless abolished by Congress and signed by the President. This never happens because politicians depend on the the civil service vote to provide money and campaign workers. It’s an organizational mess that requires a serious house cleaning.

  2. No worries JD. Six die from vaping and the Trump administration is suddenly concerned. Hundreds die from gun violence and crickets from the administration.

  3. I’m not quite sure what Ms La Bau’s actual qualifications are as a counter-terrorism expert. I mean, she is certainly credentialed – oh, yeah, and she is white, so I guess that gives her some insight into whypepl terrorism. That said, however, her counter-terrorism expertise seems to be mostly of the self-declared variety because I didn’t see anything that looked like a win or a way-to-go! in resolving any terrorism issues, counter or otherwise.

    The Truth About Guns addressed the article itself. They didn’t find much with which to agree.

  4. Morning D_K.

    Say, you catch this? More winning.

    “450 Miles of border wall by next year? In Arizona, it starts.”


    Here’s my favorite part, hump;

    “Cicadas buzz and heavy equipment rumbles and beeps before it lowers 30-foot-tall (48-kilometer-tall) sections of fence into the dirt. “Ahí está!” — “There it is!” — a Spanish-speaking member of the crew says as the men straighten the sections into the ground.”


    Lengthwise, hump. Not across.

  5. Leftist reprobates are
    starting to realize that flooding the country with low IQ, unskilled 3rd world refugees isn’t going to help.

    Seems they are all settling into leftist dominated states that most resemble the steaming dumps they came from; better gibs, no doubt. And thats not gonna get it done for the reprobates, thanks to the electoral college and those damned Wipipul!

    What do?

    Why, invalidate the EC and demonize wipipul, of course!

    Problem is, only leftist states have signed on to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, and it’s getting harder to get wipipul to give any f*cks at all about what leftist reprobates call them.


  6. Is there a link between marijuana use and mental illness? Some studies suggest there may be.


    If so, then the six people who died using under-the-counter THC products may be only the visible part of an iceberg of people using marijuana, which tends to be used more heavily in teenagers, who are the people that commit mass shootings. There is no accurate way to measure the percentage of Black gang members who use marijuana, but we know they’re the ones doing the hundreds of shootings.

    Perhaps restricting vaping is a common sense approach to solving one of the root problems of mass shootings and gang shootings?

  7. The La Bau piece uses statistics from the Anti-Defamation League to support the claim that “right-wing” extremism has killed more people than the left wing variety. Going over the examples cited I found this pattern: often an individual who showed an interest in right wing causes and later killed someone was tagged as having committed a terrorist murder. Guilt by association fallacy. Post hoc fallacy.

  8. Don’t you all know, “white nationalist” and “racism” are this years Russian collusion hoax, the mediots tools to try to win back power for their party.

  9. Joe Doakes on September 13, 2019 at 7:51 am said:

    Is there a link between marijuana use and mental illness? Some studies suggest there may be.
    Conservative writer Peter Hitchens (brother to the late Christopher Hitchens) has been riding this hobby horse for years.

  10. Normally you wait until a person has committed a crime before you take away their rights. What is this, communist Russia?

  11. Swiftee: When can Americans expect the Trump administration to actually break ground on construction projects on new linear miles of wall?

  12. Poor deluded EI. Apparently, you haven’t been paying attention, because new sections are being built. But, don’t let facts get in the way of your Trump Derangement Syndrome. You can always donate your tax savings to sponsor one of those poor illegal immigrants or to reduce the national debt.

  13. “..the tall brown bollards rising against a cloudless desert sky will replace much shorter barriers that are meant to keep out cars, but not people.

    You think those gibs hungry Mestizos have been cruising in driving Caddy Escalades, ya dim wit? That’s new wall, hump.

    Oh, oh, oh, and what’s this?

    “Two other Pentagon-funded construction projects in New Mexico and Arizona are underway..”

    #AhiEsta! Pendejo

  14. And MOAR wall!

    “Washington — The Trump administration has begun erecting a 30-foot-high border wall that will cut through federally protected land in Arizona,

    [here comes my favprite part…] despite warnings from Democratic lawmakers and activists that the new barrier and its construction could do irreparable damage to a fragile desert ecosystem.

    The project is the first construction of new border barriers on federal lands using funds diverted from the Defense Department under President Trump’s national emergency declaration. ”

    Pay close attention here, Dunning_Kruger;

    “Under a 2005 law, the homeland security secretary can waive any laws “necessary to ensure expeditious construction” of barriers along the border and can overrule other agencies like the National Parks Service, which administers national parks and monuments. McAleenan invoked that authority to waive the department’s obligations under 36 federal laws,”



  15. Emery/EI is slowly drifting into Penigma territory, his mind is being over run by TDS. Its looking like a fatal case.

  16. Uh oh…another white supremacist!

    “The founder of a new Republican group is defending an ad that aired during Thursday’s Democratic presidential debate that featured a burning image of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The New York Democrat criticized the spot as racist. ”

    Elizabeth Heng said ad “is about fighting the socialist agenda”


    I’m gonna need a new pair of Wayfarers!

  17. Your right, POD.

    I just hope that bastard has enough common decency not to leave a smelly mess for someone else to clean up when he takes himself out.

    A bathtub full of warm water, D_K. Lengthwise, not across.

  18. He could be a early user of Pinocets helicopter rides swiftee. I bet those requests will skyrocket come 2021 when the greatest president in the last 50 years is sworn in for a second term.

  19. And, the hits just keep coming.

    DC has one of the highest unemployment rates for Negroes in the country; even worse than Minneapolis. What do???

    I see a plan emerging here….

    “Salvadorans, Washington’s Builders, Face Expulsion Under Trump”

    A few minutes before going to work deep beneath Washington’s streets, the Salvadoran construction workers checked off the projects they had built for the city’s residents: storm water tunnels, new Metro lines and train stations, and shuttles at Dulles International Airport.

    Now these workers are at risk of losing their jobs and being removed from the United States. They are among 400,000 immigrants from six nations whose legal immigration status, based on violence or environmental disaster.”

    This is why Trump wouldn’t allow Bahamas moochers to enter the US. This dude knows what’s up.

    Adios amigos.

  20. Poor D_K, the sharpie nonsense was too stupid even for the American left, so it’s on to Vape-Gate, and now No New Wall-Gate.

    Pathetic loser.

  21. kinlaw, just wait my man. You should have seen the things he was saying about the Mueller probe and the fact he was convinced he’d be leaving the Oval Office in handcuffs.

  22. LaBau comes to the forum with a highly relevant BA in business administration and support for Hilliary, which I assume translates to support for the guy who “fought terrorism” by shipping them a few pallets of euros after releasing tens of billions of dollars to them. With her kind of thinking, we’d end up with mass killers toting squad machine guns and grenade launchers instead of semi-auto ARs.

  23. Kinlaw, the federal courts have been flipped, the law is on our side, the reprobates have lost; the Wall is going up.

    In addition, we don’t even have to let the Guatadorians in to lie about the reason they want in and pop out a couple of US citizens while we are forced to listen. If they come through Mexico, they have to lie to the Mexicans and add to the population of Mexico first. Sad.

    So now we’re going to get rivers of tears about environmental damage a Wall will do to a desolate, barren stretch of desert (but muh desert mouse!) and how mean it is to keep uneducated, unskilled, low IQ, prolifically reproducing foreign nationals on their side of the border.

    In other words, it’s our time to strut and smirk.

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