Cold War II

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Trump winning the cold war against China using a variation of the Reagan strategy: make them compete against our economy
Liberals don’t understand our economy, so they don’t understand why the strategy worked last time and can’t see it working this time.  Only someone with a lifetime of experience in capitalism can see it. 
So any small business owner or self-employed person gets it.  Whether that’s enough people to carry him to re-election, remains to be seen.

Big Left has done a good job of making sure there are a smaller proportion of people who understand much of anything, anymore.

14 thoughts on “Cold War II

  1. Here we go again… SSDD. Trade hopes, trade hopes, trade hopes, trade hopes, trade hope… this is a recording, recording, recording…

    Software developers call this an endless loop.

  2. Whew! I was so conflicted because of those comments from JD and Our Host. I was just hoping that Emery would stop buy and share an insight that would address those comments and put things right again. I feel much better now.

  3. Trump is running scared. Xi can and will outlast him. This will probably end up like the Mexican/Canadian deal. Lots of bluster, little change. Like everything Trump does, much ado about nothing.

  4. Protestations from our resident leftist 1/4 wit aside, we can, and will outlast Chicom’s in a trade war; their fragile economy is already faltering. The danger is Xi putting pressure on Taiwan to save face.

    I have a good friend living in Taiwan (wife and I are going to visit next year). He tells me that Taiwanese are not necessarily concerned about military action, he says the Chinese military isn’t as advanced as many believe; for instance, Chinese J-15 Flying Shark attack aircraft belch smoke and crash often and their type 1 and 1A carriers are constantly in dry dock for repairs.

    What they are worried about is a cyber attack on Taiwan’s electrical grid. The commies are pretty good with keyboards, and as MP and I discussed yesterday, shutting the power off in any heavily populated area would kill more people than bombs.

    I’m sure that this eventuality would make Dunning_Kruger happy, but it’s likely that the US would be obliged to step in, which all intelligent people agree would be a bad deal all around.

  5. We all know what’s going to happen, the talks will break down again and there will be some tit for tat and then talks will resume again. It’s starting to become really boring, wash rinse and repeat. 

    There’s no way that there is going to be a trade deal under the current terms.

    The whole Trump approach is flawed of course. China can be compelled to change but it has to be done in a coalition, and with respect for China’s situation and their extraordinary feat pulling so many people out of poverty in the past decades.

    Maybe Bone Spurs can get out his Sharpie and make it all look good…

  6. In Emery’s world, the US is always less powerful and more fragile than our opponents. Now he thinks that the Chinese government — which is a one party authoritarian state, and which massacred a good portion of its own population a half century ago — gets to choose the US president. Where, oh, where, did Emery’s concern about foreign interference in US elections go?

  7. I thought tariffs are working and and we are making billions. Let’s make trillions. 💰💰

    No matter how this turns out, assuming it does end, Trump will declare victory and his base will believe him.

  8. Emery on September 5, 2019 at 1:06 pm said:
    I thought tariffs are working and and we are making billions.

    The only person who “believes Trump” seems to be you, Emery.
    When you look in a mirror, do you really believe that you are looking at a rational person?

  9. MP, Trump said Mexico was going to pay for the wall, and every 1/4 wit in the country immediately pictured the President of Mexico hand delivering a big, Lotto style check to the White House.

    If breathing took conscious thought, leftists would be extinct by now.

  10. Well then, Emery. Let’s look at the illustrious military career of one Barack Hussein Obama. Oh! Wait! Just like you, he didn’t have one either! Hypocrite!

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