Documents Ex Machina

Not to cast aspersions, since the only “evidence” I have is an uncanny coincidence.

But it seems almost uncanny, the way mouth-breathing “threats” “against” Rep. Ilhan Omar tend to pop up into the news when disorderly elements of the media start poking where they aren’t supposed to poke, into news of Rep. Omar’s marriage, philandering, campaign finance issues and tax problems.

Last week, as bits and pieces of the local DFL PR firm we call our “media” started to get shamed into, y’know, covering the news, and the depravity of DFL rank and file started edging into i headlines, , that this “death threat” suddenly ate up a news cycle or two:

Now, we don’t know who wrote this, and it’s for certain we’ll never find out due to local media’s efforts (although I’d like to know where William Davis was last week).

But of course, this takes us back to February, 2018 – on the hard-fought caucus night where Omar and the West Bank “progressive” machine needed to gin up turnout to beat out some strong “moderate” DFLers, this was “slipped under the doors” of some Cedar Riverside apartments by “Trump Supporters” who, notwithstanding the cameras and scads of Somali witnesses all over the place, seemed to disappear, zephyr-like, without a trace all night long:

The local party “community organizer” promised an investigation, which went as far and as fast as all ward heelers’ “investigations” always do.

So have at it, hive mind. Similarities? “Tells?”

Let’s DanRather ’em.

11 thoughts on “Documents Ex Machina

  1. Some things…

    In a world where yes, she no doubt gets some hate mail, I would say her staff bothers to compose one because its more to the point …I dunno.

    As a matter of idiom and linguism, my feel is ‘Somali Stink’ is how Somali’s think white people talk about Somali’s and that its not really the case in reality.

    As a matter of idiom and linguism… scare quotes the way they are commonly used now are a writing construction where hipster libs communicate irony to each other, and this comes from a shared over-education in the ecosystem of private college English departments. It doesn’t feel right that a MAGA hate writer would use irony quotes…. at all…I don’t think you could go through today’s comment thread action at the Strib and find any MAGA trolls using irony quotes. So this seems inauthentic on its face, but the misuse where irony quotes are around ‘gun’ when ‘gun’ actually means ‘gun’ has the feel of a 3rd worlder who is hanging around with Carleton and Macalester grads.

    I don’t think you can be well read enough to know the ins and outs of her itinerary and be that poor a writer of English, I don’t think there was meaningful public notice that she’d appear at the fair…

    It could be a real letter, but I doubt it.

  2. “muslims bastard” “MEGA-MN” “like to give a notice”

    Tortured syntax and spelling. This was obviously written by an advanced ESL student, same as the other one.

  3. I’ve been told tRump supporters aren’t smart enough to pour water out of a shoe. The spelling is too good for any of us rednecked hicks to have put out.

  4. Too bad Charles Johnson isn’t available to help. His animated gif on Little Green Footballs put paid to Dan Rather. We can’t rely on fonts and kerning for this one.

    “That being said” and “Quite likely” aren’t low-brow phrases. Are they compatible with not knowing when to use quotation marks versus commas? Perhaps, if the writer learned English verbally instead of grammatically, as Rep. Omar alleges she did (watching television in Arlington, Virginia).

    If not her, I was leaning toward her Communications Director, Jeremy Slevin, whose Twitter feed shows he doesn’t know the difference between “hear” and “here,” but Chief of Staff Connor McNutt’s Twitter feed shows he’s vague about when to use quotation marks. I considered Senior Legislative Assistant Mahyar Sorour but her Twitter feed is almost entirely re-tweets of other people’s tweets interspersed with emoticons – not certain she can write English at all. Tim Mynett, the man accused of having an affair with Rep. Omar, doesn’t seem to have an on-line presence at all. Is that odd for a big-shot political strategist? Or has everything been purged in the wake of the allegations? Can’t say.

    Sorry, can’t pin this one down. Fun exercise, though.

  5. See, JD, giving up is just the kind of thing the left expects. If you can find something tangible, make something up. You know they would.

  6. Omar just accused the Strib of being part of the vast rightwing conspiracy….because they are, dotchya know.

    “Minnesota’s aggressively negative news about Muslims is produced by a group of Twin Cities donors, policy wonks, and strategists tied to the state’s most powerful Republican organizations.”

    Surprised the ⁦@StarTribune⁩ isn’t on this list! (courtesy of Powerline)

  7. It would help to know the details of how the document in the photo above arrived in the possession of the Omar camp, what type of paper it is, etc. It looks like it’s been folded, but I can’t tell from the photograph. If it came in an envelope, that would tell a lot, for example, the type of envelope, the address, stamp (?), etc.

    I agree with an earlier commenter, “Somali Stink” stinks of Somali, not Minnesotan. Why capitalize the two “s’s” in Somali Stink? Wouldn’t the loons of Minnesota Capitalize the whole phrase and also add numerous exclamation points?

    I don’t think the author of the two letters is the same. The Mega-Mn letter seems to be written by a foreigner.

    On the other hand, if the latest threat was written by a Somali close to the Representive, then they probably wouldn’t have addressed it to “Ilhan Omar!!” They would have known her name is “Ilhan Elmi!! and they would have included upside-down swastikas.

  8. Scott Johnson posted an update on Mogadishu Barbie on Monday.

    Evidently her cuckhold husband is really getting the business from Minneapolis Somalis. Knowing how arrogant Sammis are, especially the men, I won’t be surprised in the least to see Barbie sporting dark sunglasses in the near future.

    If you happen to be in the warehouse dist. anytime soon, and you see a Sammi leaving a loft, headed for a BMW, catch his eye and snicker.

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