Minnesota’s Intellectual Titan Strikes Again

Former Miss Iraq Sarah Idan lights up Rep. Ilhan Omar – and Muslim extremism:

“Omar does not represent me as a Muslim, (she) does not represent millions of Muslims in the Middle East. You know like in Arab countries we call her the Muslim Brotherhood,” Idan, 29, said on the podcast The Sara Carter Show on Aug. 4.

Now, do you remember when Omar was sworn in? The way she got lionized for representing the future for Muslim women in America?

Apparently Rep. Omar does not (I’m adding emphasis):

Shortly after the interview aired, Omar, 37, fired back at Idan on Twitter, saying, “Hey, I might be wrong but I don’t think you are a #MN05 resident and like that makes be [sic] not your representative.”


The former Miss Iraq replied, “Seriously @IlhanMN this is your intellectual come back?” She then went on to lambaste Omar as anti-American and antisemitic. In a series of follow-up tweets she accused Omar of pursuing a “Muslim Brotherhood agenda using this democracy to further YOUR & YOUR FRIENDS Islamic socialism goals of dividing & weakening our country.”

I don’t know who I want to see reading this piece more; DFLers, or the rump Xenophobe coalition in the GOP, who keep asking “where are the Muslims pushing back against the extremists?”, and ignoring when…well, Muslims push back against extremists:

On Friday, Idan also blasted Omar for using her platform as congresswoman to advocate for the freedom of Hoda Abdelmonem, a senior member of the Muslim brotherhood, but not to help women “enslaved by mandatory sharia/in jail awaiting an imminent death for speaking out against dictatorial regimes.”
Idan, who now lives in the US, called out antisemitism taught in Muslim countries and voiced support for Israel at the Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland, last month. She was forced to flee Iraq with her family after receiving death threats in November 2017 for taking a selfie with Miss Israel Adar Gandelsman at the Miss Universe beauty pageant.

Maybe Idan can be persuaded to come to Minnesota and run against Omar?

I doubt the DFL will have her, of course.

5 thoughts on “Minnesota’s Intellectual Titan Strikes Again

  1. To: MBerg, Self designated spokesman for Woke Republicans

    From: Swiftee, Uppidy Rump Xenophobe

    Idan refers to herself as “spiritual”, and “not really religious”. In other words, she’s a Muslim like Al Franken is Jew.

    Not sure either of those people are qualified to push back on zealous practitioners of the religions their parents may, or may not raised them in.

    Carry on.

  2. NW, Mogadishu Barbie just isn’t smart enough to remind her terrorist loving supporters that Idan is a MINO.

  3. “Self designated spokesman for Woke Republicans”

    Don’t be blaspheming in here.

    “Idan refers to herself as “spiritual”, and “not really religious”.”

    I believe the theological term is an “Allah-carte Muslim”.

    (Mic drop)

  4. Doesn’t Akismet address bad puns too? Did you have to approve your own post for that? 😉

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