6 thoughts on “Lewis Gonna Lewis

  1. He’d lose, but he’d land a couple of rhetorical hits during the campaign

  2. Acosta was the most labor-friendly GOP Sec. of Labor the left could have hoped for. He continued many of the Obama labor dept. policies, often over the objections of GOP legislators.

  3. The fact that it’s Acosta illustrates the trouble the GOP has with unforced errors. On the left side, Acosta’s politics are apparently quite liberal, and on the right, he’s got the Epstein case that he totally bobbled. No way you can win with a guy like that!

  4. It also illustrates the problem faced by third party candidates who win. Who do you appoint? How deep is your bench? Trump had no party support, no deep pool of applicants, so he was forced to choose from Republicans, some of which were RINOs or Never Trumpers.

    Reminds me of Jesse Ventura. Great, you won. Now, appoint a bunch of Democrats hastily-rebranded as Independents to fill your administration. Then, wonder why the apparatchiks are obstructing your vision at every turn.

  5. Dont get me started on Jesse, Joe. That man could have started a new political movement in this country and could have become President (He could have crushed Bush and Kerry in 2004) but let it slip through his fingers like sand. It could even be argued that he laid the groundwork for Trump at least.

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