Why Does Anyone Need An AR15?

So they don’t run out of bullets before their attacker runs out of attack.

Or attackers, plural:

Marion County sheriff’s officials say a homeowner armed with an AR-15 shot and killed two intruders and was injured himself during a home invasion robbery in Summerfield Wednesday night.
Two other robbery suspects — Robert John Hamilton, 19, of Ocala, and Seth Adam Rodriguez, 22, of Belleview — were detained near the scene, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.
Nigel Doyle, 22, of Summerfield, and Keith Jackson Jr., 21, Ocala, were killed. The homeowner, whose name was not released by the Sheriff’s Office, was in stable condition at a hospital Thursday afternoon.

But they were good kids, just about to start school to become missionary medics:

Sgt. Micah Moore found Doyle with a gunshot wound and a shotgun next to him on the ground. Deputies entered the home and found Jackson dead on the dining room floor. Detectives said he was wearing a “Jason” mask on top of his head, gloves on both hands, jeans and a black shirt.

Wait – indicting a criminal for murder when one of their accomplices is killed during their spree?

Why, if the Ramco Attorney office learns about this, law and order might break out.

10 thoughts on “Why Does Anyone Need An AR15?

  1. Stephen Paddock felt he needed one….

    Strangely enough, all those other AR-15s legally possessed across the country were not used in the commission of a crime that day, but I see your logic. Here’s hoping the make and model of whatever vehicle you drive has not been used in the commission of a crime. If so, it’s only fair that you immediately surrender the keys to your vehicle to the proper authorities.

  2. Emery on July 15, 2019 at 10:22 am said:

    MBerg asks: Why Does Anyone Need An AR15?

    Stephen Paddock felt he needed one….

    So does anyone who provides armed security.
    You could snark about knife possession using the same terms.

  3. Sniff. I love it when a story has a happy ending! On another note, if indeed the annual unlawful fatalities from long guns is indeed about a few hundred each year, we might guess that the number of incidents prevented by the lawful ownership of long guns/semi-auto rifles far exceeds the cost.

    As people in Venezuela know all too well.

  4. People killed with easily available military-style weapons is a small fraction of people killed with firearms. Most people killed with firearms are killed with handguns. If you absolutely banned semi-automatic long guns, and confiscated all of the semi-automatic long guns in private hands, you would not move the needle on firearm deaths.
    The source of the Democrats desire to ban “assault rifles” is their wish to split the electorate; to make Americans fear and hate one another based on their desire to support or oppose a “ban on assault weapons.”

  5. … but MP, what if we banned full-automatic long guns? Especially military style grade assault rifles with bayonets? I can’t believe that wouldn’t make a big dent in the number of firearm deaths.

    Also, those Ruger 10/22 Archangels. They just look dangerous. Nobody needs a gun that looks that dangerous.


  6. Ian, I assume your comment was moderated for something unfathomable and lame. Shame, it was very good. Nicely played.

  7. Ian, I assume your comment was moderated for something unfathomable and lame.

    It was probably the word “logic”, jdm.

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