Our Not-So-Bright Critical Class

The daughter of Amy “Tiger Mom” Chua (who we last encountered in this space eight years ago) is going to be clerking for Justice Kavanaugh…

…after she said she wouldn’t be…

…after her Mom praised Kavanaugh – apparently accurately. I’ll be adding emphsis:

Which is where our story today picks up.

Chua, [a Yale law professor and the author of the book “Tiger Mom”, a manifesto for ruthlessly deliberate parenting] who serves on the school’s clerkship committee, wrote that her daughter had accepted an appellate clerkship from Kavanaugh, but that she would find a different judge to clerk with if his nomination was successful.
She also described Kavanaugh as a “mentor to women.”
The op-ed drew severe criticism, with many arguing that she wrote it aiming to guarantee her daughter a Supreme Court clerkship.

Brief aside: using “many” as a source is becoming my journalistic pet peeve.

But let’s go one step beyond. Would a woman who wrote an entire book on parenting, which included parenting tips such as…:

…a total ban on TV-watching, play dates and sleepovers. Chua wrote of how when Lulu was 4, she rejected her daughter’s homemade birthday card for looking sloppy.
Lulu was ordered to practice the violin six hours a day, and both girls were required to play the piano flawlessly — or Chua would threaten to burn their stuffed animals. The merest hint of failure was met with name-calling: Sophia was “garbage,” Lulu a “disgrace as a daughter.”

…bat an eye at brown-nosing a SCOTUS nominee?

Dear “Many”: Your promotion from Captain to Major Obvious is granted. Congrats.

2 thoughts on “Our Not-So-Bright Critical Class

  1. LEFTIST MOM to 38 year old son living in the basement: “Ghon, come up here and read what this monster mom did to her kids when they were little..and clerking for Kavanaugh…can you imagine?”

    GHON: “Not noooow mom, I’m sending encoded messages to my Antifa comrades.”

    LM: “I thought you were getting ready for your shift at Starbucks?”

    GHON: “I Quit. Those fascists apologized for a comrade kicking NAzi Stormtroopers out.

    LM: “OK honey. Whatever you think is best. We raised you to be wise and special.”

    Ghon (mumbling): “Whateves c*nt.” (Louder) “Make me a sammich, mom?”

  2. Moderation, sweeeet moderation. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

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