DumbAndProgressive And DumberAndProgressiver

On the one hand, Ilove it when two of the darlings of Big Left start eating each other.

As the fairly inexcusable and heinous Piers Morgan did in a sociall-media jape so colossally tone-deaf that I suspect it might have been a paid communication on Alexandria “Tide Pod Evita” Ocasio Cortez’s behalf.

Morgan, commenting about Tide Pod Evita’s previous job:

“Could be worse … Ivanka could have been a bar-tender 18 months ago [sic],” Morgan wrote on Twitter.
Ocasio-Cortez worked as a bartender and as a waitress at a restaurant in Union Square before she defeated Joe Crowley in the June 2018 Democratic primary race to become the youngest congresswoman in United Stateshistory.
The 29-year-old responded to Morgan’s gibe with a tweet of her own, writing: “Actually, that would make government better – not worse.
“Imagine if more people in power spent years of their lives actually working for a living,” she continued.

She’s not completely wrong – our Federal government would be a much better thing with more Mr.and Mrs. Smiths, and fewer Guys and Glans In Dark Grey Suits.

Of course, that’s predicated on the Mr. and Mrs. Smiths not being a bunch of pollyannaish neo-socialist stooges. To wit:

“We’d probably have healthcare and living wages by now.”

So maybe she’s not the “regular guy / gal” we need, here.

2 thoughts on “DumbAndProgressive And DumberAndProgressiver

  1. “Worked for a living.”
    I work for a living.
    Ocasio-Cortez tended bar while she waited for a better gig.
    She has a four year degree from Boston University. She interned for Ted Kennedy. She worked in the Sanders campaign in 2016. This is not the resume of a worker.
    Elitist scum like Ocasio-Cortez hate and fear workers.

  2. try to look at it from AOC’s point of view; To her we are all just bit players in her personal telenovela or culebrone if you prefer.

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