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  1. I was a toddler. I was a Minneapolitan. Up until now, the only Judd I’ve known is the Senate-ready Naomi. Walter Judd sounds like a man we should have a statue of next to Lake Bidet Fillet Ska.

    It’s interesting that he was born in Nebraska, worked in Rochester, Died in Maryland near Washington D.C., and was buried back in Nebraska. What’s the Minneapolis connection? Is Minneapolis, like New York, and Chicago, a place to plug in whatever candidate meets muster with the local machine?

    At least Judd’s successor, Donald Fraser, the savior of Minneapolis, had a tangential connection to the place. We’re now represented by a woman fighting for the rights and privileges of the good people of Egypt.

    I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since the Republicans wrote-off the big cities.

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