Keeping Up With The Coleman-ians

While I’ve spent much of the last eight years bagging on former (?) Strib columnist Nick Coleman, it’s not been an unalloyed thing.  When he’s focused on being a city columnist, as opposed to a not-overbright pundit, he writes good stuff; at his best, he’s sort of a “made in Singapore” Studs Terkel. 

Of course, he was rarely at his best; less and less so as the years unwound.  He hit his nadir during the 35W Bridge collapse; he got downsized from the columnist stable shortly thereafter. 

He’s apparently found some sort of work with some sort of think tank.  But I suspect his “downsizing” was more than tad Potemkin; he still appears in the Strib.  Lots.

And it’s just not the same Nick.  I busted him over the summer, parroting MN2020 shrieking points, and not very well at that.  It’s almost like he gets copies of press releases, and just writes in condescending and not very literate insults between the lines.

So what’s Nick up to now?  Well, you be the judge (emphasis added), a week or so ago he turned his keen journalistic senses to what he apparently thought was the key conservative issue of the past few weeks- Obama pre-empting “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”:

I also heard a “Tea Party” supporter on radio claiming that you can tell Obama hates America just by looking at him. All I can tell by looking at him is that his skin color is different than that of every other president. Maybe that’s what the Tea Party person meant.

Ah.  The old “Wing Nutz Are Teh Racist!, based on the off-handed and ill-considered (at best) remark by one person dragged out of context and immortalized by whomever  controls the edit suite” bit.  I hate to say it, but Coleman is making that whole “parrotting MN2020 without thinking” thing look pretty good in retrospect.  He’s now down to parrotting…Keith Olbermann?  Fast Eddie Schultz?  Rachel Maddow?

I was going to leave it at that.  Because I’ve long since learned that any effort I spend fisking Coleman is effort I could have spent…I dunno, itching my elbow?

But this is rich – where by “rich” I really mean “depressing that someone gets paid for writing the kind of duckspeak that’d get ignored on a fourth-rate leftyblog”.

We’ve heard the socialist slur repeatedly from such brilliant students of history as Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Michele Bachmann (Minnesota’s Poster Girl for Why We Need High School Civics Classes)

Says the guy who is a case study in how badly our system fails our students at science, logic and empirical reasoning.

and that pinnacle of wit and wisdom, Sean Hannity, who is the kind of Irishman my people used to refer to as “Blueshirts.”

“…my people…”

“Your people”, Mr. Coleman, came to America so that they could at long last leave their squalid anscestral squabbling back in the Old Country.  Like most of “our people”, they came to this country so they could escape, transcend and eventually forget the bigotries, hatreds and jealousies of their caste-ridden, incompetent homelands.

So do “your people” proud, and leave your callow IRA references at Ellis Island; “your people” are now a bunch of plush-bottom yahoos who have been “the man” in this country for generations; Among “his people” his father, the former Speaker of the Minnesota House; his little brother Chris is the King George III of Saint Paul; Nick himself is the very Charles Townsend-esque embodiment of “the status quo” in the Twin Cities media.

Blueshirt this.

8 thoughts on “Keeping Up With The Coleman-ians

  1. Have you ever read Coleman’s Twitter bio? You can almost imagine him screaming his overpuffed resume from a street corner. Whatever else we may think of the man, you can’t deny he thinks quite highly of himself.

  2. Have you ever read Coleman’s Twitter bio?

    Stop for a moment. Consider the absurdity of that question.

  3. Coleman appears to have convinced himself that he is of the working class, a conceit shared by a large number of people calling themselves progressives. If you listen to them speak, disregarding where they live, what kind of cars they own, where they send their children to school and what they do for amusement, you would swear that they struggled along in the dank underclass of America. The reality is that people who are lower class seek to rise to a higher level by living the American dream and succeeding, not by staging class warfare and building a utopian paradise. (See, I didn’t say Socialist!) That’s why lefties like Thomas Frank whine “What’s the matter with Kansas? to their friends during the intermission of A Prairie Home Companion. In fact, the audience of APHC is the essence of lefty progressive multi-cultural redistributive economic europhilic nanny statist (have I left anything out?) hypocrites.

  4. golfdoc50 Says:…….”In fact, the audience of APHC is the essence of lefty progressive multi-cultural redistributive economic europhilic nanny statist (have I left anything out?) hypocrites.”

    poopies (wink)

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