When Real News Is More Like Satire Than “Satirical” News Is

Florida woman stabs self.

Blames Trump.

Officers found the unidentified woman standing outside her home in Palmetto, Fla., bleeding from her hands, legs, and face, according to a partially redacted report obtained by the Smoking Gun.
After being asked what was wrong, the woman responded, “I’m tired of living in Trump’s country, I’m tired of Trump being president.”

Oh, the wise I must not crack…

10 thoughts on “When Real News Is More Like Satire Than “Satirical” News Is

  1. I am trying not to encourage everyone who is “tired of Trump” to follow suit, but it is difficult.

  2. I’m still waiting for all of the people that promised to leave the country if Trump was elected. Sean Hannity has even offered to buy them one way plane tickets to leave. I guess that even free stuff isn’t acceptable in some cases.

  3. It seems to me that the most obvious takeaway is that the woman is mentally ill not that she “hates” Trump. Man, like from that post the other day that ended up discussing mental illness, there sure is a lot of it going around.

  4. If her stab wounds had been fatal, she would’ve had her cake and got to eat it, too: She wouldn’t have to live in “Trump’s Country”, and she would have continued to vote Democrat for years after her passing. /sarc

  5. And the Dems are going to hold a town hall on Trump’s “deteriorating mental condition.” Worst case of projection I’ve ever seen.

  6. JDM, there’s been an awful lot of borderline people that seemed to have been pushed over the edge by more stable people validating the unhealthy level of hate and vitriol, especially since November 2016.

  7. We have officially entered Twilight zone territory when the fake story Mitch posts seems to make more sense than the real story.

  8. MP, TDS should be in the DSM next edition because I have a sneaking suspicion it will continue past his presidency.

  9. Ian, we all know graveyards are as blue as the damn ocean

  10. I believe the madness took hold of the Dems with the impeachment of Bill Clinton. They became reactionaries at that time, unable to find any common ground with the GOP. Political power is a zero-sum game to them, they can only gain when the GOP or conservatives lose, and they believe the opposite is also true. They believe that the purpose of politics in our republic is to grant them the power to order & rule the lives of others, citizens who are not in their club. The idea that politics exists to allow all Americans to prosper together is beyond them.
    Look at their 20 presidential candidates: all of them believe in a national abortion scheme that would allow abortion up to the moment of birth (and after). That position, depending how the question is posed, is supported by only 10% to 20% of the American people. The open-borders position of, again, all of the Democrat candidates is similarly shared by a small minority of the American people. Of Americans who voted in the 2018 election (which had high Dem turnout) only 38% rated “Global Warming” as a very important issue (it ranked 9th, below healthcare, terrorism, gun rights, and even deficit control).
    This is a political party gone mad.

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