4 thoughts on “When Satire Is More Like Real News Than The “Real” News Is

  1. This is the ultimate goal of all identity politics. Who decides who is x? If your group can’t decide who is x, then people not in the group –people not you — is choosing who you are, and that is colonization/empiricism, and probably even neo-liberal.

  2. Jesus, look up Orwellian in the dictonary and this is an example.

  3. Unfair. Unbalanced. Unmedicated. WTF those jerks stole my tagline

  4. I’ve noticed an interesting trend over the last few years. More and more, the elites do not divide the world between Republicans and Democrats, or even Liberals and Progressives (themselves) and Conservatives (the hated Other).
    The tendency is for elites, in the arts, at least, to identify as “social democrats,” and to label the hated other as “neoliberal.” All of them. Everyone from Bill and Hillary to David Duke is on the “neoliberal” spectrum (even Ayn Rand!).
    Neoliberal is an even more expansive than the term “neoconservative,” but it has a few things in common with it. It is not a recognized political alignment. No one says “hey, I’m a neoliberal!”
    There is such a thing as neoliberal economic policies. Neoliberal economic policies stress the contributions of capitalism to human happiness over ideas of social justice. Neoliberal economic policies grew out of the failure of socialism to provide sustained economic growth. The term has been around since the 80s, but really became popular after the fall of the USSR.
    A socialist economic policy would look at a poor, socialist, third world country and offer aid in the form of a trade deal. A neoliberal policy would not give aid, but would instead borrow the socialist third world country money to build hotels for tourists, with sometimes harsh penalties for failure to repay. This, in effect, would force the third world socialist country to adopt pro-capitalist reforms (Jamaica is a decent case study).
    If a Lefty calls you a neoliberal, and you are wondering what the Hell a neoliberal is, remember that “neoliberal” is the new epithet that describes “capitalist, colonialist, racist” other and you won’t be far off.

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