Remember when Democrats tittered with glee at the (small) number of Republians who were obsessed over Barack Obama’s birth certificate?

They can all, every one of them, shut up now:

…according to a Rasmussen poll released today, a staggering 67 percent of Democrats believe Ocasio-Cortez’s climate change warning to be completely legit.
According to the poll, 48 percent of all likely voters agree that the United States has only twelve years left to fight climate change before the effects are irreversible. The poll did not identify Ocasio-Cortez or Bernie Sanders (who still believes the doomsday prediction to be true) while conducting the survey. According to the poll, 40 percent disagree with the prediction, and 11 percent are undecided.

The most fascinating thing about the poll, aside from the large percentage of Democrat sea sponges who believe the 12-year prediction, is how the number of voters who believe it has skyrocketed in just a few months. When Rasmussen first polled on this issue back in January, after Ocasio-Cortez first publicly made her prediction, only 23 percent of voters agreed with it. Back in January, however, only 34 percent of Democrats believed what Ocasio-Cortez says only a sea sponge would have taken seriously. This shows the incredible influence the socialist wing of the Democratic Party has on the party as a whole.

Having Tide Pod Evita as your thought leader is like having Jesse Ventura as your charm school superintendant.

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  1. At one time there was a poll that showed that about a quarter of self-identified Republicans thought that Obama was born in Kenya. That made headlines. What didn’t make headlines was the same poll showed that 18% of Democrats believed Obama was born in Kenya.

  2. It’s not a good sign for our republic when most Democrats agree with AOC, and disagree with the IPCC by doing so. Even beyond the very real question of whether IPCC/global climate consensus claims are worthwhile, one would hope that the testimony of actual scientists would override that of a former bartender.

  3. the (small) number of Republians who were obsessed over Barack Obama’s birth certificate

    Sorry, Mitch, that small number was from back in the days when I and other conservatives still believed that the GOP establishment had our best interests at heart. The various inconsistencies with that document and the event were hushed up as being politically untoward, inexpedient, and so we never really got a conclusion – as far as I’m concerned. And personally, after years of watching Democrats be Democrats, I don’t think it’s possible to suspicious enough of anything they might be accused of.

    As you so expertly point out with post.

  4. 67% of 68 IQ leftists (1/2 of the total) believe that the worlds gonna end in 12 years unless we can find a way to stop cows from farting.

    I understand why Mogadishu Barbie and AOC are so popular with leftists; they communicate at the same intellectual level.

  5. BTW, it was never definitely proved where Obmama was born.

    Coulda been Hawaii but it’s not out of possibility that he was birthed on the dirt floor of a mud hut in Kenya by a Ubangi witch doctor.

  6. …It wouldn’t have mattered. His mother was an American.

    He was born in Hawaii though, cuz…. that’s where his mother was when he was born.

  7. He was born in Hawaii though, cuz…. that’s where his mother was when he was born.

    And you know that for a verified fact because, what?

  8. My take on the birther controversy is that it was a gold mine for Obama, who used it to discredit his detractors while distracting everyone from the very real messes he was making. Plus, I’m guessing some of his supporters on the left supported him precisely because they thought it was possible he was born in Kenya, too.

    In other words, he gets to live in the most civilized place in the world, benefit from his mother’s old money to go to Punahou, go to Ivy League schools on diversity grants, and at the same time he gets the “cred” as if he’d personally killed a lion with the Masai wearing a loincloth and carrying a couple of spears. Pretty slick if you ask me.

    And if you doubt this, look up the bio that was released about 25 years back in which it stated exactly that–back in a day when nobody cared about who he was, and he had every incentive to pore over every line and make sure it was exactly the way he wanted it.

    Same thing goes for his administration’s scandals–just as one seemed to be about ready to get legs, he had another bright shiny object for the raccoons in the press to go after. Say what you will about the man, but politically, that was genius.

  9. ^ She was 18, had graduated from HS in the last year, was a resident of Hawaii, an enrolled freshman at the U of H, is known to have completed her freshman coursework. Despite that apparently not being sufficient in the minds of some to prove it, its a matter of ontological reality that she was in Hawaii.

    Compared to there being no evidence she was ever in Kenya

  10. ^Well, the term ‘old money’ does not apply to Obama’s grandparents such that Grandma paid for Obama’s school. She ascended to a bank VP job as a non high school grad.

  11. To me, there is at least some credibility to the birther question, because;
    a. A Democrat judge and city administrator, sealed the birth records.
    b. He also allegedly went to both Hahvud and Columbia, yet, here again, his transcripts were sealed.
    So, everyone applying for a job in the U.S. with a degree listed on their resume, is required to produce transcripts from their alma mater or expect them to be requested by the employer during a background check. Why don’t people expect a candidate for POTUS to provide proof?!
    To any rational person, such actions would be seen as the person was hiding something.
    And the Democrats have the audacity to demand Trump’s tax records?! Screw them and the horses they rode in on!!!

  12. A ^ I have no idea about A

    B ^ He did go to Harvard and Columbia. This isn’t something that’s ambiguous. He actually went to Harvard and Columbia. His transcripts aren’t ‘sealed’. He’s got confidentiality rights over his transcripts like everyone else has over theirs, and he has the yes / no say so over whether or not to have them be disseminated publicly. He said no, the grades are probably are a bunch of Cs from a neo-marxist curriculum. Or worse, maybe he got A’s in his neo-marxist curriculum. But he is an American as much as anyone else

    It’s far from every every prospective employer that requests a full transcript. Many verify graduation, which is a boolean exercise with university registrars. IE, yes, they graduated, no they did not.

    Topically, the birther stuff is idiotic stuff to obsess over.

  13. Birtherism is a rabbit hole that does not go where you think it goes.
    Suppose you got Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate in your hands. Where you going with that?
    There are real, documented lies about Obama’s childhood that he has stated and the media has incuriously repeated. Obama’s parents never lived together as husband and wife; within six months of his birth, his mother and Obama were in Seattle while Obama Sr. was still at UH Manoa on Oahu. This is all readily known stuff, we have college records, no one goes out of their way to deny it. Yet Obama insists that his father left his mother when he was four years old. The record shows that she left him in time to enroll at the University of Washington six months after Obama was born. WTF?

  14. John Kraephammer on May 23, 2019 at 4:07 pm said:

    A ^ I have no idea about A

    B ^ He did go to Harvard and Columbia
    Obama started at Occidental in California, a medium-ranked Liberl Arts school. According to his memoir, Obama was a “so-so” student at Occidental. Then he transferred to Columbia, a Harvard Law feeder school. Again, WTF? How does a so-so student at a middle-ranked college xfer to a Harvard Law feeder school like Columbia? It’s like going from cropduster to space shuttle captain.

  15. I never tire of tearing apart Obama’s resume.
    He was supposedly offered tenure on hire as an associate law professor at the University of Chicago (one of the tenured law profs there has confirmed this). This despite having never published a single law article, anywhere. Double WTF? At UC Obama was a part time lecturer on the 14th amendment, he was a “law professor” only in the vernacular use of the term. Lecturing on the 14th is as easy as pie, because it is so badly written. It can mean whatever you want it to mean. If you are a liberal, like Obama, you teach an expansive view of the 14th. If you are a conservative, you argue for a restrictive view. The case law on the 14th is all over the place, it is a blank slate.

  16. MP,

    Yea, the 14th amendment-a perfect example of the anti Constitution liberals bastardizing the document to fit their narrative to gain a perpetual supply of new voters, i.e. anchor babies. But, this is typical of the left. Just like laws and religion, the miscreants only use it when it benefits them.


  17. MP – Oh, that assessment is absolutely true, that Obama was offspring literally and figuratively of the post-McCarty commie ecosystem, which was a very real thing. No argument.

    Ya know… Occidental is a mildly prestigious private college. Having been accepted there and completed a year or two, he would have been an easy transfer to Columbia with a solid C average but he probably did slightly better than that. That’s being a ‘so-so’ student on the private liberal arts college circuit. From what I read Columbia wasn’t nearly as highly regarded in the 80s.

  18. John, I’m going to call BS on the notion that you could transfer into an Ivy, any Ivy, even back in the 1980s, with a C average. The only exceptions are if the applicant is an excellent athlete, the child of a prominent donor to the school, or if the applicant is getting some serious help from affirmative action.

    (my brother transferred from Butler–#1 regional university in the midwest–to Harvard back in 1990. Suffice it to say he got in because of an A average and some excellent recommendations from some of his professors, no Cs in the mix, let along the average)

    Really, as MP’s comments indicate, Obama’s entire career is a series of affirmative action admissions and hirings. To draw a picture, if I’ve got an application from a Punahou grad who can only average Cs when the average overall at most colleges has been Bs, it’s going to the circular file because the applicant clearly had a lot of advantages and puffed them away with the choom gang.

  19. Well he probably did better than that, then… and “so-so” student means he got uninspired B’s and he knew what it meant to be a standout in the student body and get A’s… and he wasn’t that, he didn’t do that. I’d just say the case is not well asserted that he wasn’t smart enough to get into Occidental and Columbia and graduate on his own merits. He’s a bright man, its a mistake to understand him as dumb. As a lefty he is of course not in possession of the best wisdoms in life…. But he’s very smart… Its silly to evaluate him as a dummy and think he did what he did with a mediocre mind.

    Him getting to be the president of the Harvard student law review as a guy who was not in the weeds on law… obviously, that’s a function of virtue signaling over diversity there and his personal charisma and him being a harmonious political match to that organization. etc. It just reflects a different set of qualifications, like making Bart Giamatti the commissioner of baseball.

  20. I’m curious – have you worked with Affirmative Action hires, John? I have. They all talked a great game, but never impressed me with technical knowledge or output. Black, Latino, useful in team photos to demonstrate management’s commitment to diversity, but useless as team members trying to push work out the door.

    Maybe I just had bad experiences?

    Or maybe accepting the candidate with the lowest passing score solely because he/she checks a box, is not the way to get the smartest, most productive candidates?

    Obama reminds me of the Affirmative Action hires that I worked with.

  21. I’m in IT. I never have, I can probably say that with certitude.

  22. John, even strong Bs would not suffice. Sorry, my brother and I were navigating college admissions at the time, and you didn’t get admitted to top flight schools with strong Bs, let alone middling Bs, either in undergrad or graduate, at that time or now.

    Again, the most likely reason Obama didn’t release many records from college is that it would have proved he was, from high school through the Presidency, an affirmative action hire.

  23. you didn’t get admitted to top flight schools with strong Bs, let alone middling Bs, either in undergrad or graduate, at that time or now….

    David Hogg

    *mic drop*

  24. Per Swiftee, you didn’t get admitted without a serious finger on the scale. Or the whole hand.

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