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Rep. John Lesch wrote this on Facebook yesterday, in response to a post about Shoreview DFL gun-grabber rep Kelly Moller:

“Child Murder Apologists”. And he’s not referring to his own, Stepford-Eunuchs-like support of Planned Parenthood, here.

He’s talking about you, Ms. and Mr. Law-Abiding Gun Owner.

It’d be a mistake to call this another oe of the gaffes for which Rep. Lesch is famous. This is the mindset of today’s DFL – that you, the law-abiding citizen, are rooting for spree killers. Lesch only let his guard down.

Never, ever forget – they want the 2nd Amendment. And that’s just an appetizer.

21 thoughts on “This Is The DFL

  1. Donald Trump and the 2nd Amendment is the only thing between Ilhan Omar, Nancy Polosi and us becoming a cold Venezuela!

  2. There are all kinds of things in the gun control debate which indicate that the end game is not “reasonable regulation”, but rather confiscation, and I’m very grateful that the Democrats are going full Hugo Chavez on this and most other issues.

  3. I recently purchased a 20 gauge over/under shotgun at Cabella’s. Not really the kind of weapon preferred by school shooters and gang-bangers. In my hands, it is probably not even that deadly against pheasants. but perhaps, Rep. John Lesch and Rep Kelly Moller can explain to us all how the twenty minutes I spent filling forms is going to stop gun violence.

  4. Leach checked, and realized he has zero fucks to give about what you, or any of your huwhite Nazi friends think about him.

    He’s no fool. He’s seen Mogadishu Barbie play with the idea that it’s time to gas Jews again, and that America deserves all the jihad it gets…and her constituents love it, especially the white Jewish leftists.

    You’re going to get some restrictions this year; probably a red flag law at the least. The only recourse you have is to join up with real Americans living in other leftist shithole states and mount a court challenge aimed at getting to SCOTUS.

    That’s costs money, so if you’re smart, you’ll start networking right away.

  5. the question for the Honorable Mr. Lesch is…

    No, Mac. Why you gonna play his game on his court? You’re gonna lose because you don’t know the rules…there are no rules.

    These scumbags could care less if the murder rate triples after confiscation, as long as it becomes illegal for YOU to own anything fancier than a black powder percussion blunderbuss.

    The right response is “The 2nd Amendment is written in the blood of the men who fought to establish America as a sovereign nation, and everyone who has died protecting it since then.

    That’s what it’s gonna take to revoke it as well, so go fuck yourself.”

  6. Interesting bit about a vigil that was held for Kendrick Castillo, the hero of the Colorado shooting. When two elected lefties, including the latest moron to squeeze into the Democrat clown car of 2020 presidential candidates, Michael Bennett and Jason Crow tried to make it about gun control, the students walked out in protest, chanting the true issue to be focusing on in these situations, “Mental Health” and expressing their anger at them for inappropriately politicizing their trauma. Good for them!

  7. Here’s where y’all are headed.

    That’s a million dollar collection of firearms; tossed into a pile like trash. They are gone as far as the owner is concerned. He’ll get off with probation because the state got what it wanted, and being a felon, he will never be able to buy another weapon…not even an air rifle.

    Here’s how it went down. This guy lives right in a nest of wealthy degenerate leftists. He a friendly guy, wanted to make friends, so he made the mistake of inviting one or more over for dinner, and naively showed off his collection.

    The degenerates shook all the way home…seethed with righteous anger. They contacted their local gun grabbing collective who told them what to do.

    Make friends with the guy. Show interest in learning to shoot. Get invited to go to the range a few times with the guy. Tell the guy you’re ready to buy an AR, but there’s so many to choose from…can you borrow a couple to try them out?


    These people will. not. stop. until they disarm everyone.

  8. The guy does not understand what an “apologist” is. An apologist is not a person who says he is sorry about a thing, it is a person who explains a thing. It makes no sense to refer to gun control proponents or opponents as “child murder apologists” unless they are trying to explain child murder.

  9. We have second graders who have been training for this moment, with active shooter drills and lock-downs, since they were in kindergarten.

    Only in America.

  10. Only ever happens in public schools, Emery. Never private schools. Don’t you wonder why that is? The kids in the private schools are as American as the kids in the public schools, usually more so.
    Are you more interested in solving a problem or bashing the country you dislike and its people?

  11. I looked at the Highlands Ranch shooter’s FB page. He is a child. He isn’t done growing. He’s got issues; his family has issues, and I’m getting the impression that he’s got developmental problems. And our society puts guns in his reach. Why are we surprised that this is happening every month?

    I guess active shooters on school campuses is now part of our American culture.

  12. We have second graders who have been training for this moment, with tranny sex offender in the library day, the history of buttsex and de-masculinization for boys, since they were in kindergarten.

    Only in America.

    FTFY, 1/4 wit

  13. He’s got issues; his family has issues, and I’m getting the impression that he’s got developmental problems. And our society puts guns in his reach.

    You have a point, D_K. This kid’s twisted mind is the result of leftist inculcation at school, in the media and at home. The constant barrage of insanity pushed him over the edge.

    I think that any history of involvement in leftist politics (either as a proponent or recipient of leftist programs) should be included as a Red Flag which disqualifies one from possessing firearms of any sort.

  14. Sounds like St Joseph’s
    Nope. Since 98% of the abuse is homo priests chasing post-pubescent boys, they don’t get started on them until 8-9th grade.

    Also, the Catholic church keeps it’s degenerates on the down low.The public schools put them right up in front of the class to provide detailed instruction to the tots, starting as you say, in Kindergarten.

  15. He is a child.

    He’s eighteen. He may not be mature yet (credit goes at least partially to the wussification of the generations that followed the various eighteen-year-olds that stormed the beaches of Normandy), but he’s an adult.

    And our society puts guns in his reach. Why are we surprised that this is happening every month?

    Except, Emery, society did not put them in his reach: He’s eighteen, three years too young to legally possess a handgun in Colorado. He and his accomplice are currently believed to have stolen them from his parents. Prior to the shooting, his run-ins with the law were minor, unlike the shooter at Parkland. Were there red flags? Sure, in hindsight. Any upon which law enforcement could act upon before the fact? Doubtful.

  16. Regarding the kids in question, society didn’t give them guns. Their parents left them in a place where they could be stolen, despite clear evidence of mental illness in at least one. Sorry, I’m going with the old DSM that says gender dysphoria is a mental illness, as it leads to suicide attempts in 40% of those suffering it. I’m surprised at times that this doesn’t lead to homicide attempts on those “doctors” who mutilate them.

    And yes, perhaps the families had “issues”, but there is a difference between mere “issues”, Emery, and being in a place where the courts ought to declare someone not worthy of their Constitutional rights.

    A final note; regarding the issue of sexual victimization of young people, a 2004 study by the federal government found that the likely scale of victimization by school teachers likely dwarfs that of Catholic priests. I am surprised not to see a certain number of victims retaliating with those teachers (priests). Quite frankly, it just might be healthy for the situation if it did, and I’d have a very hard time convicting if I were a juror–my next door neighbors growing up were molested by a teacher.

  17. And our society puts guns in his reach

    In Europe, terrorists murder people with cars and rental trucks. Why does society put these within reach?

  18. We put lots of deadly things within reach of 18-year-olds: guns, alcohol, trucks, airplanes, knives, gas cans, matches, chainsaws, machetes, compound bows, razor-tipped arrows, aluminum bats, lead pipes, and ballot boxes. We do it because society judged 18 was old enough to act like an adult.

    Experience taught us that wasn’t so for certain things, so we raised the age on them. But the general principle remains: after a certain age, people are expected to be able to exercise mature judgment, make wise choices, conform their behavior to the law. Millions of 18-year-olds did NOT steal weapons to commit crimes last week. They should not be punished for the acts of the two who did.

  19. We put lots of deadly things within reach of 18-year-olds: …and ballot boxes

    Amen to that. They do more damage with that than everything else combined.

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