This Is What “90% Approval” Looks Like

Last night, the Reverend Nancy Nord Bence called out to the frenzied hordes of “grassroots”activists with “Protect Minnesota”; a “rally” was needed to support the DFL’s gun grab bills, and a rally they got.

Behold the might of “Protect”Minnesota:

This was at 7:05 PM – five minutes after the rally started.

Or, as people who watch “Protect” Minnesota refer to it, “peak frenzy”.

2 thoughts on “This Is What “90% Approval” Looks Like

  1. Well, we see they turned out about a dozen senior citizens. How many showed up for your side?

  2. Its like Hillary’s rallies right before the 2016 election. They had to have the cameras pointed perfectly to give the appearance of it being packed

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