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  1. The major difference here is that attacks with guns are more likely to end with the suspects remaining alive, I guess. How does one defend against suicide bombings?

  2. Both Obama and Hillary referred to the victims as “Easter Worshipers” rather than “Christians.” Weird.

  3. MP, a tweet referred from Instapundit:

    Imagine hearing about terrorist attacks killing ~300 people & realizing you can’t simply express sympathy for the victims because:
    1. Identifying their beliefs upsets your base
    2. Use of bombs means you can’t pivot to gun control
    3. You’ve demonized expressing thoughts & prayers

    And a follow-up comment:

    A subset of your base who no one is allowed to criticize is actually happy that it happened

  4. Some people have,accurately, pointed out the difference in the tweets Obama had on the attack on Muslims vs. this attacl on Christians/Catholics. Before I was never really buying the whole Obama is really a Muslim line. After reading those tweets, I dont know how a fair minded person could say he isnt really Muslim and not Christian.

  5. To be fair to Obama and Clinton, I didn’t immediately clue in to the fact that it was Christians being attacked until I’d looked into it a bit, and I definitely didn’t guess until the reports came out that it was Muslims and not the Tamil insurgency that was responsible.

    On the flip side, “Easter worshippers” would generally mean Christians in Sri Lanka, as pagan “ostern” worshippers are probably in short supply there, and hence, yes, if they’re admitting “Easter worshippers”, they ought to say something like “violence against Christians is wrong, too”.

    But if they are being disrespectful of Christianity, is this any more obnoxious than the Iran pact they concluded? More obnoxious than not helping the Nigerians with their Boko Haram troubles?

  6. It is to your credit, bb, you want to be fair to Clinton and Obama. They and their ilk would not be so kind to you tho’.

  7. Hey, let’s not forget the usual “who could these people behind the killings be?”.

    Headline in the Strib:
    Official: Local militants carried out Sri Lanka attacks
    First sentence underneath:
    A Sri Lankan government official says a domestic militant group named National Thowfeek Jamaath is responsible for the Easter Sunday suicide bombings.

    What these domestic militants want? What was their aim? Their goal? We’ll probably never know.

  8. In cases like this, “thoughts and prayers mean nothing! It’s time to ban radical Muslims!”

  9. If you want to get rid of ISIS as a concept, it’s very hard to bomb them into submission. However: if you want to continue with forever war, it’s a flawless strategy.

  10. If you want to get rid of ISIS as a concept, it’s very hard to bomb them into submission.

    What the fuk is that supposed to mean? Did you use Google translate on some greasy moonbat’s new speak you’re plagiarizing, or is that incomprehensible blather straight out of your empty skull.

    Geezuz, you’re a smoking wreck of a man, D_K. I bet your kids worship you.

  11. Emery, it would be nice if your comments would sort of reflect how we’ve actually been bringing the fight to ISIS–not just with drones and bombers, but with boots on the ground worn by people whose wives and daughters have the most to fear from that group. There is reasonable debate to be had over tactics–is it possible the groups we’re working with could be just as bad a poison and all–but let’s at least have the decency to describe the conflict as it’s actually being fought.

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