I, Problem Solver

There is a proposal making the rounds to change the name of Saint Croix State Park to honor former Minnesota Senator and Vice President, Walter Mondale.

Of course, there’s some pushback. The park already has a perfectly good name with history that matters to the area and the state:

People who live near the park, which opened in 1943 and featured dozens of New Deal-era buildings, say history would be lost as a result of renaming. They are circulating petitions seeking to keep the current St. Croix name.

“Yes, (Mondale) did some wonderful things for our waterways,” said Maria Nichols, who lives one mile from the park. “But I have been to the point where I’ve almost thought of calling him and saying, ‘Help us!’”

It should surprise nobody that Ryan Winkler wants to jam the name down anyway.

Since my role in this world seems to be “solve other peoples’ problems”, I”ll step in here.

Let’s rename Lilydale State Park after the former Vice President.

Since it suffers from landslides.

7 thoughts on “I, Problem Solver

  1. Leftists are always trying to sanctify their leaders.

    PS That link above goes to a NY Post article about the Mueller report?

  2. When I was a much younger fellow, I spent a summer working construction. The crew was made up of guys about my age, but they were lifers. I was just doing construction labor for a summer.
    We’d meet and pile into a truck up on Lexington, north of 694, and drive to the job site. If their was an opportunity the driver would make a diversion down some road in Arden Hills that went by Turtle Lake. As we passed a certain house, the guys would slow down and throw all the trash in the car out the window. That certain house belonged to Ted Mondale, Walter Mondale’s son. Or so they believed.
    These guys should have been natural DFL’ers, but they despised Mondale.

  3. Mondale is a Whitman. It’s only a matter of time before the SJW’s discover his crimes against humanity and demand his name be stricken from the public lexicon.

    Save time and money; rename everything with the unpronouncable names of dirt worshipping heathens and get it over with.

  4. Oh look! Spell check now corrects for bad-speak.
    Mondale isn’t a Whitman, he’s a wytman.

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