Logrolling Groupthink For Ye, As For We

The American “Civil Liberties” Union twote:

Because adding “PERIOD” to the end of a factually vacuous argument makes it a strong argument. Natch.

I’m just wondering why the A”CL”U is telling people what they must think about things that are contravened by scientific fact?

19 thoughts on “Logrolling Groupthink For Ye, As For We

  1. I think they meant “Girls who are trans may not have periods but they are GIRLS PERIOD!!!!”

  2. again 10 years ago this would have been an Onion headline. I still stand by the increasingly unpopular opinion that it is a mental illness. Why? Because the suicide rate of people who claim to be transgendered is 50%, also nearly everyone who has gone through sexual reassignment surgery has regretted it.

  3. Good comment, PoD. Between the recent votes on abortion in lefty states and well as these various transgender opinions, it is hard to see the left as anything other than cynical grifters with good publicists.

  4. Its sad that in 5 years that exact opinion has gone from, what most MDs honestly feel about those people to being transphobic and a hater. I dont hate trans people, I think they need help.

  5. Oh and JDM, I 100% agree, its just that anyone who has the balls to call them out on that will have the “woke and “tolerant” mob sicced on them and theyll destroy their lives. Because they dont know how to debate, but they do know how to silence people who disagree with them.

  6. POD, there is an irony in responding to a “trans” argument by pointing to people who “have the balls”, don’t you think? :^) You’d have to be nuts not to think so.

  7. I got no response to that. Im just going to walk away quietly now…

  8. Something tells me that the A”CL”U needs to tighten up their social media account access policies to prevent college interns from going all SJW.

  9. The ACLU tweet is a continuation of the discussion of males participating in female sports. It’s a product of shallow thinking.


    “Female” is biology, chromosomes and hormones. “Girl” is a lifestyle, frilly, emotional, plays with dolls. “Female” cannot be altered, chromosomes remain XX no matter what parts are cut off or what chemicals are ingested. “Girl” is a role that can be played by anybody, regardless of plumbing.

    In the olden days, we used “girl” to mean “young female” which is where “Girls’ Track” came from. The definition worked then, because it served the purpose of separating biologically different competitors. It doesn’t work now, because males who want to play with dolls call themselves girls but remain marginally larger, faster, stronger, and have greater endurance than females so “trans” boys are crushing real girls in girls sports.

    The solution is to recognize biological differences matter, then limit the sports to biologically similar athletes. To avoid confusion, maybe call them the XX Games and the XY Games and require a DNA test to compete.

    Nobody cares if a biologically male competitor likes to play with dolls. We care that he/she/it competes against similarly equipped athletes. People who deny biology are denying reality, they’re living in a fantasy world. Delusional is a mental illness. Society needs to stop indulging the mentally ill.

  10. Joe, there’s actually a fix in that could work, though I’m sure trans advocates will raise Hell about the matter. The IOC has reduced allowable testosterone levels among women to 5nmol/l from 10nmol/liter, really from a low mid range value among men to a very high range value for women born without testicles. See this for information.


    My take on the whole deal is that we’ve had transsexual women in sports, effectively, ever since Dianabol was invented back in 1955. If the IOC is successful in enforcing the new limits, we will (a) see the WRs set by Marita Koch in the 400 and Jarmila Kratochvilova in the 800 stand forever and (b) we will find out exactly how much male skeletons are an advantage.

    My guess; perhaps where narrow hips and height matter, like in track & field and basketball, but that will be mitigated by the fact that having the body chemistry changed isn’t healthy. To draw a picture, 3 of 15 East German swimmers from their 1988 team competed in multiple Olympics; it’s about 8 of 19 U.S. (presumably cleaner) female swimmers. Same basic thing with the 1976 teams.

    However it works out, I’m glad the IOC is doing something right here that seems to be going mostly under the radar of the politically correct.

  11. Why isn’t there any incidence of trans-men becoming world class athletes? So odd that there are so many among trans-women and none among trans-men.

  12. John,I think it’s a simple matter of suspecting the male body is better for athletics, so what’s the sense in doping a female-“male” trans person when you can simply dope up a male a la Ben Johnson or Vasily Alekseyev?

    Plus, the art of doping has gotten quite cat & mouse now that the IOC will expel an athlete for any synthetic testosterone–they got good at detecting it after the 1976 East German Bearded Women swimmers debacle. So you do precursors to testosterone, but the body needs to be able to change it into testosterone. Which is difficult if you don’t have testicles.

  13. I nearly died laighing at that feed swiftee, best thing Ive seen on the internets in month, their attempts to say “Despite being only 13% of the populations, blacks commit 50% of the crimes” was pure gold

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