Graphing Madness

SCENE: Mitch BERG is hacking down shrubbery for the spring. Avery LIBRELLE, walking past, hears the chainsaw and walks around the front of BERG’s house.


BERG: Er, hey, Avery. Kinda busy here…

LIBRELLE: The US has more guns than any country in the world, and the highest death rate.

BERG: As you can see here… (produces a chart from his back pocket) …

…while per-capita civilian gun ownership is high – and has gotten higher since the data in that chart – our gun homicide rate is actually down the list a ways.

LIBRELLE: Hah! To laugh! Most of those countries with higher murder rates aren’t industrial?


LIBRELLE: Do I need to speak slowly? They a r e n ‘ t i n d u s t r i a l.

BERG: No, I got that. So what? Is the life of a brown or black person, or a subsistence farmer, worth less than the life of a white middle class liberal American?

LIBRELLE: Why, no!

BERG: Then why do we not count their deaths the same?

LIBRELLE: Do you have any arugula?


3 thoughts on “Graphing Madness

  1. Come to think of it, maybe I need to get my chainsaw ready for Earth Day April 20….nothing says “environment” like cutting down a tree and cooking my dinner over the fire made with its branches! Especially if I’m eating a good chunk of a highly flatulent steer.

  2. Off topic, kind of.
    Trump suggests he’s gonna close the Mexican porthole.
    Reaction of bugmen: “Babababut; muh Avacado toooooast!”

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