Have You Ever Seen a Pissed-Off Norwegian?

Neither have I.

…and I’m married to one, and blog with one.

I’m feeling the love from Norwegians here at home but as my Lefse-loving colleague posted mere minutes ago, Obama is not feeling the love from Norwegians abroad.

Norwegians are incensed over what they view as his shabby response to the prize by cutting short his visit.

Okay, so you’re nonplussed. Let’s apply a modicum of analysis to the situation.

You gave the Peace Prize to a President via a nomination and selection process that began in late 2008 and was closed to candidate submissions in February 2009. The President at that time hadn’t even exhausted a roll of toilet paper in the Presidential Potty. At least that would have been an accomplishment.

As it were, at that point in time, and arguably at the current one as well, the President had not advanced the cause of peace, or frankly any cause for which he campaigned so vigorously.

Even the President himself said he didn’t deserve it. In this case I don’t think he was employing his signature brand of transparently false humility. I think he really meant it.

It would appear the Nobel committee has so depreciated the value of their vaunted prize that even the winners think it a joke.

The White House has canceled many of the events peace prize laureates traditionally submit to, including a dinner with the Norwegian Nobel committee, a press conference, a television interview, appearances at a children’s event promoting peace and a music concert, as well as a visit to an exhibition in his honour at the Nobel peace centre.

You might have considered the consequences of awarding your “prize” to an opportunistic fraud like Al Gore and America’s (heretofore) worst President, Jimmy Carter. Word has it  Kanye West is on the short list for 2010.

The visit will test Obama’s rhetorical skills as he seeks to reconcile acceptance of the Nobel peace prize with sending an extra 30,000 US troops to Afghanistan.

Of course, because troops have never brought peace to anyone anywhere, right? God only knows what form of “peace” Norway would have today without the Russian troop invasion of 1944, liberating Norway from the (then fleeing) Germans. Maybe Hitler would still be hiding out at the foot of the Galdhøpiggen.

White House officials said that Obama, who was planning to work on the final draft of his speech on his flight from Washington to Oslo, would directly address the issue of the irony of being awarded the peace prize while escalating the war.

Just his speed as he just finished one featuring the irony of spending our way out of the federal deficit. Wait’ll he tries to plug his teleprompter’s 120 volt American plug into those goofy European outlets.


The Norsks will have the last laugh then.

25 thoughts on “Have You Ever Seen a Pissed-Off Norwegian?

  1. Silly wingnuts. Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize simply because there’s no Nobel Thank God You’re Not That Shithead George W. Bush Award. Yet.

  2. Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize simply because…

    Lack of planning on their part doesn’t constitute and emergency on ours.

    Respect the king, Barry.

  3. Mitch preached: “I realize you get that sense of edgy rebellion by calling our governor “Timmy”. And ordinarily I’d not be the one to rain on your parade, however pathetic “your parade” would seem to be.

    However, he was elected by a plurality of your neighbors – twice. So it’s actually “Governor Pawlenty” to you.

    That is all.”

    Then Mitch said: “Respect the king, Barry.”

    Flash got it right. You should call the blog “Shot in the Onion.” “Wingnut Update” maybe.

    “Half-Witted News Hour?”

  4. This is exactly why I don’t accept Nobel Peace Prizes – there’s always a catch.

    Oh sure, it’d be nice to have the million bucks and the fancy gold medal. But if the price is that I have to dine with kings and listen to children sing Kumbaya in Norwegian, then forget it.

    Can’t blame the guy. I’d cancel too. I mean, what’s their out? What are the Norskis going to do – rescind the prize and give it to somebody else? Who wants to accept a second-hand Nobel Prize – you’d totally be the laughingstock of the Nobel Peace Prize Winners Club. “Nice prize you got there, Jimmy, did you get a bowl of soup with it? Oh, it looks good on you, though.”

    Serves ’em right for giving it to him in the first place. Shoot, if all the committee members wanted was dinner with The One, they could have arranged it through Rahm for a far smaller donation to the re-election fund. Probably gotten a night in the Lincoln Bedroom thrown in, too.

    Serves ’em right.


  5. Clown,

    President Obama himself went by “Barry” for much of his life. Governor Pawlenty never went by “Timmy”.

    Objection overruled.

  6. Mitch Berg Says:
    December 10th, 2009 at 9:35 am

    “President Obama himself went by “Barry” for much of his life. Governor Pawlenty never went by “Timmy”.
    Objection overruled.”

    In support of AC, I protest your ‘judicial decision’ here (with respect).

    While Obama may have used a variation of his name, it is a very different thing when it is his choice from the usage here, which is obviously intended to be insulting.

    A bit like the difference when a black person selectively uses the ‘n’ word in a specifically ethnic context, compared to someone who is not black using it intending to be offensive to blacks.

    For that matter, do you know factually that our governor in his elementary or later school days never went by “Timmy”, or is that merely an assumption on your part? I’d like to see your proof for that.

    If you are going to object to Timmy and you do not object to Barry, or any of the far more offensive versions of the name of our President that appear in YOUR blog (as you emphasize occasionally), you are at best inconsistent dear sir, and at worst, well…….the ‘h’ word might apply.

    Not intending to insult you, we’re friends. It is because I respect you and expect better from you than this that I’m chiding you to be more fair, and not to use this particular double standard, or such specious reasoning.

  7. Yeah the Eurotrash likes us now woo-hoo. Because lord knows it is more important to be loved by those POS over there than respected and feared. We are the laughing stock of the world now. Seriously has he gone overseas yet and NOT pissed people off yet. I put this in the same category as giving the Queen of England a iPod with his “important speeches” already loaded on there (big ego?) and giving Gordon Brown those DVD’s, that won’t even work in England’s DVD players, after Brown gave some very thoughtful gifts to him. Apparently tact is not taught anymore at Ivy League school. Because if your important enough it doesn’t matter who you piss off. I hope the teleprompter goes on the fritz and starts throwing Norweigan at him

  8. I never used “Timmy” or “Barry.” Until people started objecting. So now I use both. Consistency is important to me, even its a foolish one.

    “Hobgoblins kick ass. They are right up there with ninjas and lasers.”
    – Henry David Thoreau

  9. “Hobgoblins kick ass. They are right up there with ninjas and lasers.”
    – Henry David Thoreau

    I had always thought the quote was “Hobgoblins are the shizzle. They are like Semtex on a stick.” It’s been a while since I read Walden, though, so you might be right, AB.

  10. The point being the award was not about the Norwegians. It was about Obama. Just like the rest of the universe.
    What I especially enjoy is the clownish hypocracy of criticizing Bush as a war monger and applauding Obama for maintainting (and accelerating) Bush policy.
    At least Obama finally figured out that there is evil in the world. Too bad the only thing he sees in the mirror is Obama.

  11. Kermit said: “Too bad the only thing he sees in the mirror is Obama.”

    Cheney doesn’t have a reflection.

  12. Bush was a war mongerer and a criminal. He had no business going into Iraq and Afghanistan. But now that we’re there, and Obama is in office, we need to stay there until the job is done for as long as it takes. We have a responsiblity to the countries we are occupying. And Freedom. And the Bible.

    [This comment is solely for the enjoyment of Kermit and should not be construed as actual opinions. The typos were added intentionally for the amusement of the grammar tyrants.]

  13. Good. For a moment there I thought you were an actual idiot. A little more sarcasm and you could make the rank of Clown, 2nd class.

  14. “I’d like to see your proof for that.”

    Mitch, are you going to show DogNAGit proof that it NEVER happened?
    Do it as a friend. Don’t stop until you are 100% sure.

    I’m so glad the moonbat liberals never said King George…. Lake George… McChimpyBushHitler…

    I always preferred Dubya!

  15. Bush was a war mongerer and a criminal.
    Funny thing is, being a war mongerer and/or a criminal does not disqualify a person from holding the office of President.
    Not being a natural born citizen of the United States would.

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