With yesterday’s “blizzard”, and today’s relative chill, I think it’s time to declare 2009 biking season closed.  (*)

As I mentioned earlier, it was a rough year for biking; much of my summer got eaten up with family business that kept me off the road for most of July and August.  Biking in the fall, at least for me, takes a certain amount of momentum – and I had none.

Still, I managed to bike through much of September, a good chunk of October, a bit of November, and I even squeezed in one rare, chilly December ride.

And it was a good year in political metabiking, too; the case the biking is more conservative than not biking was proven pretty conclusively.

But I think I’m gonna call it for the year. But I’ll be shooting for a March start date in 2010.

See you then!

(*) And yes, I know people are still on the road.  That’s hardcore.  More power to ’em, but it’s not for me.

2 thoughts on “Declaration

  1. I came to the same conclusion last night as well. While I don’t commute (20 miles ea way), I certainly got to the point that I almost “need” an hour on the bike each day.

    So guess I will have to get some de-greaser and clean up the family bikes over the next few weeks.

    Hope spring isn’t too far off.

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