Danged If You Do, Don’t

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

This article illustrates the problem with kids today.  They’ve been pushed a steady diet of political correctness their whole lives, so they have to say they support the winners being true to themselves and they aren’t the least bit bigoted against transgenders, no sir, no way.
But then they complain about girls having to run against boys, saying “We all know the outcome of the race before it even starts; it’s demoralizing.”  Of course it is.  That’s why there are separate Girls and Boys events.  At the competitive edge, boys are stronger and faster.
The girls know it’s unfair, they know they’re being cheated, but they lack the ability to call bulls**t on it.  They can’t stand up for what’s right without being attacked as haters.  They’re not only cheated, but silenced.  Now THAT is true male-dominated oppression.
The real problem is the failure of sports directors to distinguish sex (male – XY chromosomes – testosterone) from gender (masculine – short hair – aggressive).  I don’t care if a boy wants to run the 100 yard dash in a tutu and has glitter on his fingernails.  He belongs in his biological classification, competing against other similarly equipped athletes.
Otherwise, if we’re truly embracing the concept that mental state over-rides biology, then do away with Boys and Girls sports.  Everyone competes against each other and girls will never win another competition as long as they live. 
Then, we finally can get rid of Title IX.

To be replaced by a program to bring equity back to the system, via some formula devised by the same people who gave us the situation we’re in now.

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  1. I could easily see this happening here in the near future, and with identical attributes…. a black sophomore transgender appearing and dominating girls track at the HS level. Maybe a kid from Brooklyn Park, etc.

    Thing is, this particular attribute set is the only one that can ever exist to make a court case. Minority kid with gender dysphoria out of an urban or near urban school district, pursuing an individual non tryout sport, like track. You’d never have a boys bantam travel league hockey player from the suburbs cross over into girls hockey whether they had gender dysphoria or not. Baseball to softball same, basketball to basketball, same, there’s not a high school transgender athlete that actually exists in reality that would take that on even if they had the ability to do so.

    And this reality should be a proper legal observation about the legitimacy of transgender athletes participating in girls HS track.

  2. You’d never have a boys bantam travel league hockey player from the suburbs cross over into girls hockey whether they had gender dysphoria or not. Baseball to softball same, basketball to basketball, same,

    I don’t understand the rationale for these assertions. The fact that we’re even discussing the ramifications of an actual crossover in one sport seems to indicate that it’s all just a matter of time. Pandora’s Box and all that.

    Or did I misunderstand you?

  3. What it is, I think, is that the law of the land could end up being that ‘transgender girls’ will have legal right to play girls sports in HS, but the only place we’ll ever observe examples of it is in track. And that’s because of culture. Team sport culture and youth travel sport culture is going to preclude say a boys bantam travel league player going out for girls HS hockey as a transgender whereas ‘transgender girls’ face less obstacles going out for individual event sports like track.

    ‘Transgender boys’ will have the right to play boys sports in HS as well, but in tryout team sports they are obviously going to be disqualified from making rosters based on merit, and the courts will sustain that operative.

    Its screwy and postmodern and the way its all going to work should be an observation in itself that boys should compete with boys and girls with girls.

  4. I sure hope that team chemistry precludes that, but quite frankly, given how many total jerks have prospered in the professional leagues despite being described as “dugout poison” and the like, I’m not going to bet my lunch on it. There was a young man who joined a girls’ softball team in California a few years back, for example.

    One thing that colors this as well, at least at elite levels of sport, is that many are doing “better living through chemistry”, and hence the observed differences between men and woman are not as big as they really ought to be. For example, there was the transgender Aussie weightlifter who won there, but was still 22% below the (steroid-enhanced) world record holder.

    But at the high school level, you’re going to occasionally get boys playing against the girls, and the major bulwark is social opprobrium–“you couldn’t make the boys team so you decided to be a girl.” As a few of them will actually know the sport, and as “better living through chemistry” is harder when you’re in high school and can’t afford the drugs, I’m predicting two things.

    First, as in track, the differences in strength and height and the like are going to be too much to ignore. Second, occasionally one of the boys is going to get one of the girls hurt due to that, and that girl’s father/brothers/male friends are going to “spend some time” with the boy to explain to him why it’s not appropriate for him to be on the girls’ team.

    I’m all for mercy for those who suffer gender disphoria, but putting them in situations where they’re likely to receive a blanket party or worse doesn’t count as such.

  5. I dunno if its team chemistry and dynamics per se. I am not an economic Marxist but the word I want to attach to adolescent travel league sports culture is bourgeoisie. There’s a lot of ambient conditions that make it such that a transgender girl would not come out of boys travel league team sports and think its a great thing to want to make the girls team in HS. One of it is how bourgeoisie and non radical the youth travel team ecosystem is. Another is you have father’s present who wouldn’t allow for their ‘transgender girl’ to go out for the girls team. Another thing is the disapproval of the other bourgeoisie parents.

    What I want to be able articulate succinctly is ‘transgender girl’ HS sports participants only showing up in individual event sports like track in urban or near urban districts ought to say something that is taken seriously in invalidating the whole premise.

  6. Come to think of it, this may be how whypipul retake dominance in sports, which will of course, set another mind twisting, anti-science program into motion.

    There’s no bottom to this pit.

  7. ^Swiftee….That’s something I wanted to know… I found this person right away on the google. Community college player about 5 years ago. The most radical thing, I would say, is there’s a coach that would roster this person on the women’s team there such that they have control of that… and they most certainly do have control over that.

  8. John, good point about the traveling teams. At a certain point, though, I expect the dam to break because someone is going to sue to get on them–and then the parents/coaches are going to need ask some very real questions about whether that boy truly does identify as a girl. I predict big lawsuits, hopefully not after some girl gets raped. Or boy, for that matter.

    I remember joking back in junior high (around 1983) about the possibility of girls in wrestling with the guys, especially about weigh-in. “Some get weighed, some get…..” Little did we know what messes we would get into by now.

  9. The court case that sorts this all out for better or for worse is whats interesting to me. At the high school level, as a practical matter, it requires a transgender girl seeking roster on a tryout, cut sport girls team who, having been barred, is good enough to make the team and has parents willing to litigate it. I’m not sure this person can exist…. normal boys matriculating from travel sports who cant make their varsity team don’t contemplate going to the girls team, and they don’t have parents who will enable an attempt to do so.

  10. Agreed, and the question is whether that court case will be against a school district, or against a travel team league. If I were a lawyer, I’d see what I could do to sue the latter, because they can’t afford protracted litigation in the same way a school district can.

    Or, as the case of a young man in Virginia, MN suggested, it could be social services and the foster care system suing. In that town, social services started gender reassignment therapy for a young man without the consent of his mother. He made the news when he used his new status as a “girl” to behave rather lewdly in the ladies’ locker room.

  11. Lots of good points on this topic.

    Bike, your last point about the lewd behavior in the girl’s locker room, needs to be strongly considered.

    I’m still not 100% convinced that a boy that identifies as a girl, doesn’t just want to hurt girls or that he isn’t just a perv.

    Having a daughter myself, seeing the self confidence issues she had in high school, especially here in West Bloomington, I damn sure wouldn’t have wanted a boy in her locker room and, knowing her, some of friends and their parents, they wouldn’t have wanted that either.

    I believe I have stated on a previous related discussion here, I once had a conversation with a mother that was defending her transgender son and his “right” to be a girl. I asked her if she would shower with him in a locker room or if she would want her daughter to do so with another trans boy? The look on her face was priceless, but she just walked away in a huff.

  12. Just think of it! If we’d been more “progressive” back in the 70s, we wouldn’t have let the East Germans walk away with all those gold medals in female weightlifting.

  13. The men participating in and dominating women’s sports goes a long way towards proving one of the most important (and most ignored) conservative arguments against treating men and as equals: the spaces carved out in the public square for women would be taken over by men, and disappear.
    I can see a future where, because men who identify as women are physically larger, stronger, and more aggressive than biological females, the armed forces might consist of men and men who identify as women.
    This is what I mean when I say that our elites are mad as hatters.

  14. Boss, in the Virginia MN case, the lad was apparently on womens’ hormones already, so he appeared to be both “trans” and “perverse”. That noted, I share your concern that perverts of the “non-trans” type–say the 850,000 or so people on Megan’s List and a like number that ought to be on it–would use the “trans” opportunity to spend time in bathrooms and locker rooms (especially locker rooms) to do what they want to do.

    Or, really, the strongest argument against “trans” people in the ladies’ room doesn’t have anything to do with “trans” people necessarily at all, but rather with those who might “pose” as such. It used to be that you could ask them to leave, kick them out, or arrest them simply for being there. Not as easy anymore.

  15. MP: not just weightlifting, but also swimming and track & field. I’m pretty sure that the East German swimming records have been erased, but the 400m WR of Marita Koch (East Germany) and the 800m WR of Jarmila Kratochvilova (Czechoslovakia) are in danger only from sexually ambiguous athletes like Caster Semenya.

    One other thought regarding steroids, trans athletes, and WRs is that female steroid users tend to burn out quickly–the body simply won’t take the stress of that much strength long term. For example, only 1-2 of the East German swimmers in the 1976 games participated in 1980. Starting with a biologically male frame probably gets rid of a lot of that problem.

  16. Another note; since the IOC reduced the allowable serum testosterone to 5nmol/liter (below the male levels), many are predicting that Semenya will need to suppress her T and will go back to the middle of the pack instead of being a world beater.

    I wonder if this will implicitly stop a lot of “trans” people from dominating athletics. Perhaps if Bruce Jenner had transitioned when he was 20 instead of when he was 65 or so, he might have gotten a medal or two in 1976 that way (though the East Germans would have had something to say about it), but otherwise, you’re not talking anything common.

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