“These Bills Don’t Do Nothing”

Sick as I was, I managed to rally to spend a chunk of Wednesday night down at the State Office Building for the Judiciary Committee hearings on HF8 (the Universal Registry bill) and HF9 (Red Flag Confiscation Orders).

And if you missed it, the highlight of the night was Reverend Tim Christopher, from a church in North Minneapolis, testifying about the uselessness of the bills to the community where the violence actually is. He even managed to shut up John Lesch’s bored, snide heckling for six minutes, which may require some laws of physics to be rewritten.

My favorite quote:

“I see some of the people with “unarmed and unafraid on their shirts [a button that “Protect” Minnesota had been handing out to its lilywhite droogs]. I’d love to see them stand in the parking lot of my church on a Friday night”.

Watch it. Share it.

Because gun control has nothing to do with saving lives. Least of all poor black lives of color.

8 thoughts on ““These Bills Don’t Do Nothing”

  1. Amen. My former church, Fourth Baptist Church of Plymouth, moved from North Minneapolis because members were being mugged in the parking lot. The man knows what he’s talking about. I’ve also personally taught young kids from Family Baptist (church 4th spun off when they moved) how to shoot–I had to work to persuade them that they wanted to start with my .22 and learn the basics of aiming, “BRASS”, and the like. But they did well when persuaded.

    Worth noting as well is that there is a way to get guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them; it’s called serious policing and enforcement of laws prohibiting felons from owning guns.

  2. it’s called serious policing and enforcement of laws prohibiting felons from owning guns

    Isn’t that what is usually requested? And then, in quick succession, more arrests than usual are made, someone is not treated with kid gloves or even treated badly, the racism grifters step in, the liberals shrink back and everything goes back to the way it was.

  3. jdm, what I see is that they usually want more laws instead of punishing criminals for feloniously using guns. More background checks, banning certain kinds of guns, etc..

  4. Bikebubba wrote: “. . . it’s called serious policing and enforcement of laws prohibiting felons from owning guns.”
    Ah, but that would have a disparate impact on the Dems prime voting demographic. It makes much more sense to them to blame a demographic that votes republican — older white male gun owners & NRA members.
    Hence the absurdity of the Dems holding white suburbanite & rural gun owners responsible for Black and Hispanic gun violence in urban areas.
    In a comment on another post I mocked (gently) Joe Doakes’ idea that “We should be able to defend our position with logic and reason.” Sure, you can do that. But the progressives have undermined logic and reason as being ideologically and racially based. C.S. Lewis recognized that back in the ’40s. They need to be opposed with narratives that reveal the truth. To do that you need to control the culture, or more of it at any rate.

  5. Now, that’s what I call woke.
    The reprobates have the Jews wondering, and more and more, decent blacks.

    I’m sure the GOP will find a way to fuck this up, but for now, the path is lit.

  6. Dave Pinto (D) is the author of some of this legislation and unfortunately also my rep. I have emailed him that I opposed his legislation and he responded about his experience as a prosecutor and seeing the gun violence.

    My response to him was: of all those instances, how many did he seek the additional penalty for use of firearm, for being a felon in possession, etc.? So far crickets as a response, but perhaps he is too busy pushing this stuff to respond to an opposition constituent.

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