When Government Barbie Deigns To Acknowledge The Peasant, The Peasant Shall Be Acknowledged

Kelly Moller – who defeated the competent and useful Randy Jessup in the  Metro Massacre last fall – is on a committee that’s in charge of writing and debating laws setting statewide policy.

And she just doesn’t liiiiiiike having to deal with all those pesky peasants:

Know thy place, knave.

Trashing transparency.   Jamming down taxes.  Telling all you peasants to shut up and get in line.

This is today’s DFL.

14 thoughts on “When Government Barbie Deigns To Acknowledge The Peasant, The Peasant Shall Be Acknowledged

  1. I dunno. Perhaps I’m dense, but I don’t see how a rep should otherwise react to the emails and phone messages. I mean, OK, it’s a snarky response, but otherwise what did you expect?

  2. In a perfect democracy, everybody votes on everything. Can’t work – the state is geographically too large.

    We have a representative democracy, in which we elect people to cast our votes for us, people we believe possess morals and values similar to our own. Once elected, we trust them to vote their principles and their conscience.

    The entire thing works as long as the person we elect actually has principles and a conscience. If not, if they will reverse long-standing principles and abandon their conscience solely to get elected (looking at you, Tim Walz), then the system breaks down.

    She was elected to represent the people of her district so she’s ignoring emails from people who aren’t constituents. Okay, fine, but let me just take a quick peek at your campaign finance report. Ever receive any help from anybody outside your district? The state party, perhaps? Bloomberg’s gun control PAC?

    Now, let’s talk about who you actually represent, who actually influences your decisions, where your true loyalties lie. Those people don’t have to inundate you with emails to get your attention. They already own it. It came with the receipt.

  3. if everyone of those 500 non-constituents (really, only non-constituents contacted her?) contributes $50 to her primary opponent and again to her general election opponent she may find herself on her knees a great deal more than she likes. It is stupid beyond reason to respond with that level of arrogance and condescension when she could have simply neutralized the situation by thanking everyone for their input.

  4. Mac,

    That’s brilliant!

    I wonder if any of Mitch’s followers are her constituents? They could tweet that back to her highness.

  5. If she wrote off the email as spam, and the phone messages as badgering, it suggests she didn’t read or listen to any of it. How does she know they were all “non-constituents”. The fact is, the chance that not one of her constituents called or wrote is slim to none.

    That is the very definition of disenfranchisement. But don’t take my word for that…friend Marriam-Webster says:

    “Although disenfranchise does broadly signify depriving someone of any of a number of legal rights, it is most often used today of withholding the right to vote, or of the diminished social or political status of a marginalized group.”

    A fellow, a clever fellow looking to make some news, might do a little research to gather together some constituents that might have tried to contact her and make a little protest scene in her office.

    Maybe remind her that putting the crock pot on was not something she campaigned on, nor is it in the job description.

  6. I mean, OK, it’s a snarky response, but otherwise what did you expect?

    I suffered the ignominy of being disenfranchised by Betty(!) McCollum for several years. Even that enormous nitwit had the sense to instruct her hamsters to thank me for contacting her office.

    This woman is part of the new breed of Democrat. They are the Keepers Of The Truth: they are not required to respond to non-believers. Not only that, they are so secure in their exalted position they don’t even have to pretend they care if you know how low their opinion of you is.

    Funny thing is, she’s right. The worst that is going to come of this is this blog post and a few expressions of outrage in the comments…no one is actually going to get off their ass to do anything about it.

  7. But, Swiftee P, do what? If I was a rep and getting a whole bunch of emails and phone calls from activists about their weird weather religion, free tuition, or even gun confiscation schemes, I’d ignore them too. I was elected just a few months ago by people who don’t believe these things… I mean, what’s an election for if not to get someone in office with whom you (partially, mostly, completely) agree?

    I know there are left-wing goofballs out where I live, but I don’t recall Kurt Daudt, my rep, sympathizing with their concerns.

  8. She graduated from Hamline Law School in 1998 and works for the Hennepin County Attorney’s office as a prosecutor.

    Guess how your self-defense shooting case is going to go.

  9. In a perfect democracy

    Sigh… Joe, were a representative Republic NOT a democracy, you of all people should know that.

  10. I gave a suggestion, jdm. Gather some constituents and confront her in person. Alert the media, Alpha News would show up, for sure.

    I can attest, and Merg can back me up, that showing up makes a difference. I was such a thorn in the side of the degenerates that were running SPPS in the early aughts that the Board Chair would get up and run away when I got up to speak during meetings. Her cowardice was noted in the Pioneer Press once.

    I busted her, and another board member posting bald faced lies regarding the spending of school funds to support a degenerate special interest group. Did it help, at all? Not really. But I was just one guy pulling the wagon. Saint Paul either approved of what was going on, or didn’t give a damn.

    Point is, there’s more to the battle than posting on comment threads, or God help us, memes on Twitter. The reprobates have little scumbags running everywhere, digging up dirt on GOP/conservative people, getting news coverage, scamming money from politicians. They’re busy as hell.

    Y’all do nothing, and sooner or later you’re screwed…tbh, it’s probably too late for Minnesota, but it’s worth a shot.

  11. Regarding her claim that it was “non-constituents”, she’s on the committee reviewing the bills before they go to the full body. Hence I would argue that while the bill is in committee, every Minnesotan is a constituent.

    The thing that is stunning to me is that the pro-gun-control left has never really even tried to make the case that the bills in question would actually reduce gun violence. In the case of “red flag” and “universal background checks”, I’ve simply never seen anything of the sort.

  12. GOCRA and other gun rights organizations should start using the Minnesota Contribution Refund process as it was designed to be used.
    See: https://www.revenue.state.mn.us/individuals/individ_income/Pages/Refund_for_Political_Contribution.aspx

    It was meant, by the leftists who wrote it, to be a tool for manipulating primaries and to a lesser extent general elections using “Other People’s Money”! You badger a candidate until they sign on to the public subsidy process then flood their opponent with dozens or hundreds of $50 contributions (for which they request a refund) and if you’re lucky you swamp the objectionable pol with unanswerable media & ads and they lose the election.

  13. She told several whoppers during the committee last night. I wonder if she could hear the response from the peanut gallery outside in the hallway.

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