Freedom Dies In “Efficiency”

Alternate title: “Ryan Winkler tries to make the trains run on time”.

The DFL majority in the House has moved all the House’s committees under the Ways and Means committee – meaning that Ways and Means chair Lyndon Carlson can can move bills around, and forward to votes, without a whole lot of scrutiny:

According to the DFLers who now make up the majority in the House, the newish method of managing the flow of budget-related bills is more efficient: a way for legislation to spend less time on the House floor and more time in committees, where the heavy lifting of legislating is really done.

But for House Republicans — both the 55-member Republican Caucus and the four-member “New Republican” caucus — those same rules constitute an anti-transparency move that puts democracy at risk. The newbie GOP even borrowed the motto of the Washington Post — “Democracy Dies in Darkness” — when discussing the rules, and one person testifying against them even drew a comparison to the casus belli of the Revolutionary War.
So is the move anti-democratic or a way of making things more efficient? Both? And does anyone outside the halls of the state Capitol much care?

Given that we now have situations with pages of bills moving through “divisions” – not even “committees”, anymore – with a single terse memo of commentary, I’d say “anti-democratic”.

Indeed, given that Ryan Winkler is behind it, I’d say “prima facie anti-democratic“.  

5 thoughts on “Freedom Dies In “Efficiency”

  1. Somebody needs to get hold of the GOP Senate caucus and just tell them they are now officially the “party of NO” and to wear the label proudly. Everything that comes out of the House is likely to be stupid or evil or both, and they have a full time job making the gullible public understand WHY.

  2. Maybe this new efficiency can also get a good, solid abortion-right-up-until-birth bill on the books. For the children, of course.

  3. 40+ years ago, as a college student in central Minnesota, I heard Rep. Joe Niehaus give his standard stump speech to a room full of Stearns County Republicans. Basic theme: if you elect me, I’ll go to St. Paul and vote No.

    If they ask “Should we raise taxes?” I’ll vote No. If they ask “Should we give more handouts to layabouts?” I’ll vote No.

    Must have had a dozen examples and by the end, everybody in the room was yelling the punch line with him. My all-time favorite legislator, God rest his soul. We could use a lot more like him.

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