19 thoughts on “This Time It’s For Real

  1. Oh, no… not looking forward to this. Perhaps her unadulterated boring-ness and lack of accomplishment will be enough to put paid to that candidacy… oh, who am I kidding, she’s just a younger version of Hillary!

  2. Amy has the same problem most of the democrats do. They are totally untested in having to defend their beliefs against a competent opponent. Trump fights back. Maybe not as articulately as we all could wish, but he fights. And they have no competency in dealing with that because they’ve never faced a determined opponent before.

  3. gl whisler, your comments are both racist and sexist!!

    Just kidding – but it pretty much sums up why Democrats never have to defend their views or lack of views. There is always the media and SJW’s to howl RACIST, SEXIST in their defense.

  4. Her career has been carefully stage-managed ever since her catch-and-release days as Prosecutor. No controversial speeches of gaffes; the sole bill with her name on it was to regulate evil swimming pool drains. I hear she even tells a good joke at the Press Club. She comes off as a matronly moderate, but her votes are strictly doctrinaire; any reach across the aisle would have gotten her white gloves dirty. She probably would have gotten a bigger star turn, acting passionate, during the Kavanaugh hearings if it wasn’t for the simultaneous charges of domestic abuse against Ellison (to which she muttered, “troubling”, underneath her breath).

    After all the other Dem candidates exhaust themselves and the public by baying after Socialism, she will be perceived (and sold) as the “moderate” alternative, a version of “Socialism With a Human Face”. Ask the Czechs how that turned out in ’69.

  5. A sign of George Will’s declining mental powers.
    Trump hatred will do that to you,
    Will seems to think that being born to an upper middle class family it is real sign of a woman’s character,.

  6. Re that Will piece, I was surprised to read some ranking has her merely 27th most liberal… One cant foresee a true liberal position she wouldn’t vote for as a matter orthodoxy, and she’s had no great electoral reason to demonstrate a rightward moderateness. Her ranking must be shaded rightward say by having supported repeal of the medical device tax.

  7. Shes too moderate to win a primary with that crowd. Plus George Will just wrote a piece on her last week that was just short of Chris “I got a tingle up my leg listening to Obama speak” Matthews falling in love with a politician.

  8. Her father’s surname, so valuable to her career, has no inherent value across the St. Croix, Mississippi, or Red, or any other border. Once she leaves the protective cocoon of Minnesota, she’ll be judged on the merits. And as Night Writer suggests, her value as a legislator is roughly the same as Alfonse D’Amato, although she really gave the evil pool drain cabal what for.

  9. John,

    She has 2 X chromosomes. Thats all D primary voters care about it seems

  10. Hey, why not Betty McCollum?

    I know, I know, she’s so stupid that her aids have to remind her to breathe but that still makes her four times smarter than lham Omar or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

  11. Greg,

    I volunteered for Teresa Collet in the 2010 cycle, and I realized that after running a virtual perfect campaign she still lost to Betty 60-40 despite destroying Betty in every debate they had. It was discouraging but there is a reason the area is deep blue.

  12. It strikes me that the blessing of Democrats in blue districts and states is their curse in other places. I had an interaction today regarding the proposed Title IX restrictions that are more or less there because if the DoEd doesn’t reform things, the courts will do it for them, and it was striking how right after I’d given chapter and verse about how many of the complaints about the new standards were false, the respondent countered with a statement assuming that the complaint was true.

    Works great in an echo chamber, but not so much when not everyone is already convinced of your position.

  13. Prince of Darkness,

    IMHO, You can’t defeat someone like Betty McCollum by running against them. It is like campaigning against a rotted fish. People would want to know what kind of idiot campaigns against a rotted fish. It makes no sense.

    Here is how to do it.

    1) Do not run as a Republican. Form a third party called The Real Democrats. You don’t have to stand for anything – just be against the DFL.
    2) Promise to increase Medicare, Social Security and Federal Aid to Schools.
    3) In August, accuse Betty McCollum of betraying feminism.
    4) In September reveal that she is a racist.

    Once elected, do whatever Republican do when elected. The Strib, WCCO and the Pioneer Press will howl, but who listens to them anyway?

  14. Greg that a interesting strategy, I hope someone reads it then runs against her and does it. With Howard Schultz running as a independent in 2020 the time is ripe for a 3rd party to pop[ up.

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