In Which Tide Pod Evita…

…calls for a repeal of the First Amendent:

There’s really no other way to put it.

5 thoughts on “In Which Tide Pod Evita…

  1. Climate change IS real. Manmade Climate Change is a monstrous hoax. AOC (and millions of other idiots) cannot seem to make the obvious distinction.

  2. The “silly weather religion” with its manifestation of sin in the guise of man-made climate change is interesting and scary to me because it is so obvious that there are two groups of adherents. The first group is the most obvious with “millions of other idiots” who simply believe.

    The second, with far fewer members and a less obvious presence, is the cynical bastards, the Jimmy Swaggarts if you will. It is the latter who are behind the so-called need for new and ever more expansive government programs to solve this problem. And give themselves power.

    I’m pretty sure Nancy is in this latter group, but I’m intrigued as to which group AOC is found.

  3. Schlichter has a nice phrasing:

    Yes they have been warning us for decades that we are about to die unless we gave up our money and power RIGHT NOW.

    We never have.

    Weird how old no liberal crisis ever is to be solved by giving individual citizens more power or letting them keep more of their money.


  4. We cannot allow the financing of misinformation campaigns to shape our democracy.

    Buzzfeed and WaPo just crapped a huge pile of graduates of various studies programs out on the street.

    I seriously doubt Soros will get much back talk when he tells the management at Media Matters to make this little problem disappear.

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