So Proud To Be A Minnesotan

Ilhan Omar – perhaps the most powerful person in Minnesota today in terms of foreign policy – twote:

She was basically parroting the Maduro regime line – that the Trump administration was imposing a “far right” government on the “democratically elected” government of Venezuela.

A congressman who isn’t actually an active disgrace to his state, Carlos Curbelo, responded:

In her own way, Omar may be a dumber, more toxic sign of the times than Tide Pod Evita.

18 thoughts on “So Proud To Be A Minnesotan

  1. Pinochet Helicopter Tours would like to extend a free flight to Rep. Omar and her staff.

    The Leo Ryan tour of Venezuela.

  2. So Omar is takng the same side as Vladimar Putin? Maybe she should change her name to Omarsky.

  3. They’re both wrong. We should support neither side.

    “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations-entangling alliances with none.”

    Good advice then, still works for me today.

    Don’t care who rules the roost in a Third World s***-hole. Just don’t send your peasants here.

  4. CD5 used to send workhorses to Congress — Fraser, Sabo, like that. Now they send Trojan horses. They could have sent Margaret “Klobuchar Starter Kit” Anderson Kelliher to Congress and had a reliable lefty vote for a generation. Instead, it’s Omar. This is mass psychosis.

  5. At the risk of falling on the wrong side of Hanlon’s Razor, there is a certain point where I think we need to discard the hypothesis “these people are idiots” and adopt the hypothesis “these people are evil.” If you ignore the fact that millions of people there are starving in a rich country, and that millions more have fled to find food and employment, you are not just ignorant anymore. You are wicked.

  6. Not all US backed regime changes and coups have worked out favorably (both for the US and the people we were trying to help). What the Venezuelan government is doing to its people is awful. I am just not sure the US needs to be involved or if involvement would even be helpful. I am not an isolationist, but think that we could sit back a bit before getting too involved.

  7. Seems to me some influential public figure could set up a foundation to help the people suffering in Venezuela. I bet a private foundation could raise millions of dollars in donations, with the right person running it.

    Hillary’s got some free time. And her foundation raised a ton of money to relieve the suffering in Haiti. Maybe she . . . .

  8. I personally think that like AOC Omar will be primaried in 2020 by someone who was positioning themselves for the seat until she came out of nowhere to win it. The DFL will make sure that the Somalis in CD5 dont get to vote or dont have their votes counted. She is in over her head and is pissing off elites all over DC. I will truly be stunned if she is even the DFL candidate in the general election in 2020.

  9. They could have sent Margaret “Klobuchar Starter Kit” Anderson Kelliher to Congress and had a reliable lefty vote for a generation.

    Mr.D that will be corrected in 2020. $100 says she will primary her in and probably win 65-70% of the DFL vote, hell if Im still liiving in this miserable city then I’ll vote in the primary for her.

  10. I’ll take that bet. Omar is going to go say 10 terms as the cd 5 congress critter, and the district’s voters will never feel embarrassed of her.

  11. Im in, but as to see im not accused of personally profitting off it it should be a $100 donation to a favorite charity, deal John?

  12. So, the bet is whether the Somali bimbo is even the DFL candidate in the general election in 2020? I don’t want in, I’m just trying to keep track.

  13. I don’t think she will be primaried at all. cd 5 democrats think its a virtue signal voting her in.

    MAK has a commissioner job at $150k a year, I would not imagine a primary run is worth the bother.

  14. Clearly, not every ‘Congressperson’ does foreign policy as per your example.

  15. I’m with Kraephammer. The only way the slobs in CD5 give a sh1t about what happens in Venezuela is if the suddenly discover a tasty new strain of ganj is grown there.

    Mogadishu Barbie wore a hijabbi into the US House of Representatives.

    The self-loathing twerps in uptown will be enjoying the afterglow for years, and hoping she’ll top it with the full black bag deal at her next swearing in.

  16. A wager! Sounds as if there are two schools of thought.

    School K says local DFLers select their representative and they’re fine with Omar, regardless what the national party thinks of her.

    School J says the national party is annoyed that Omar doesn’t realize she’s not a real Democrat representative, she’s a token to fill a quota who should be seen but not heard and her rocking the boat is upsetting the leaders. The national party will pressure the state party to pressure the local party to find someone to fill the Betty McCollum role: shut up and vote the way we tell you to vote.

    Should be a good show.

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