It was thirty years ago today Ronald Reagan gave his farewell address after two of the most defining terms in 20th Century politics.

And while he was his usual upbeat self, he had a question and challenge for Americans – one that may have seemed abstract-ish back then…:

But for all of his optimism, Reagan did leave his audience with one clear warning for the future. He said the country needed “an informed patriotism.” He greatly feared that we were not doing enough to foster it.
“Are we doing a good-enough job teaching our children what America is and what she represents in the long history of the world?” Reagan bluntly asked.
When he was young, the nation’s youth “were taught, very directly, what it means to be an American,” he noted. “And we absorbed, almost in the air, a love of country and an appreciation of its institutions.” Young people learned those lessons from family, in classrooms, and through popular culture.

…in a way that seems definitely concrete as hell today.

And I don’t think that’s been remotely accidental. If mainstream America doesn’t know what it’s got, how will it know how / whether to defend it? What, indeed, to defend it from?

A generation of our “best and brightest” are being raised in an academy that actively disparages the values Reagan espoused. The lowest form of life on the intersectional pecking order is “the conservative supporter of the American tradition”.

Is there any hope?

This’ll be a big topic this weekend on the show.

4 thoughts on “Failure

  1. The Gipper’s legacy hasn’t aged well with me. He beat the Soviet Union, but his legacy, and the country, is getting it’s ass kicked by the mobs of low IQ, uneducated Mestizos pouring in, in search of the fabled Fountain of Free Stuff.

    The conclusion of his ’86 amnesty was reached this year when those “migrants” secured a super majority for the reprobate party in the legislature, a reprobate Governor and a court system overrun with reprobates, and ran off the last few real Americans from Orange county. A once GOP stronghold is forever lost.

    Your Somali, Mexican and Hmong immigrants are working with the reprobates on getting the same situation going for y’all up there. Moore’s law also applies to diversity, evidently…Won’t be long now.

  2. The conclusion of his ’86 amnesty was reached [in California] this year when those “migrants” secured a super majority for the reprobate party in the legislature, a reprobate Governor and a court system overrun with reprobates

  3. Sometimes, I’m barely ahead of the news…

    A New Migrant Caravan Forms, and Old Battle Lines Harden

    “Héctor Romero, 37, has decided he is going to join the caravan on Tuesday. “I have had only two days’ work a week for the past three months and that barely covers expenses,” said Mr. Romero, who collects bus fares in a small town about 40 miles west of San Pedro Sula, the city from which the caravan intends to start. “I didn’t have the courage to go last time, but this time I do.”

    Yes, I do think Reagan bears some blame for this.

  4. Trump has the same approval in January 2019 with 3.9% unemployment that Reagan had in January 1983 with 10.4% unemployment.

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