25 thoughts on “Just Remember: Fences Don’t Work

  1. Everyone knows fences work, but walls don’t.

    What’s that you say, now Trump wants to build a fence instead of a wall?

    Is it too late to change the Cedar-Riverside barrier to a wall?

  2. The area was developed with support from the U.S. federal government’s New Town-In Town program, and was originally planned to be part of a utopian design that would have seen 12,500 units spread across four neighborhoods housing a total of 30,000 people.

    Utopian design…..

    How come all utopias quickly become visions of hell?

    How come people never learn to avoid them?

  3. If Frey would put a couple of technicals in the parking lot, the Sammis would feel even more secure, probably. Throw in a few tire fires every couple days at the barricades, and it’d feel just as homey as the shithole they left.

    Then, I bet we’d hear some sweet ululating up in that bitch!

  4. How did we go from Mexico paying for a wall to not paying government employees until the American people pay for a wall?

    Why doesn’t Trump just hire contractors to build his wall and then just not pay them, like he usually does?

  5. Remember, Frey was elected because Betsy Hodges was too moderater for Minneapolis? Let that sink in.

  6. Hodges found her last mayor’s race unwinnable because of the Damond shooting by the MPD / Noor. Her relative moderateness was not a factor. Its not obvious she is more moderate than Frey.

  7. Fair point John I forgot about that. Im not super into Minneapolis politics because I need to drink a lot to start reading about them.

  8. It seems that 1/4 wit leftists are the only people who believed Mexico would be cutting a check.

    We really didn’t need more proof how stupid leftists are, but here’s Emery anyway.

    Say Emery, what *kind* of cheese is the moon made of, anyway? LMAO

  9. Notice here that the problem appears to be that people are coming from a local light rail station. So you create public housing, which creates a reason to route transit there, and all of a sudden you have a problem with people taking the train to get to and from their crime sites.

    Same basic thing that plagued the MOA a few years back. Government builds new stadium, then pays to build mall, then pays to build transit to mall, then wonders why criminals use the train to get to richer and more defenseless victims. I sense a pattern here.

  10. This is a manufactured crisis. Why wasn’t this a legislative priority in 2017 and 2018 when Republicans controlled the both chambers of Congress and the White House?

    Why didn’t Trump refuse to sign Paul Ryan’s funding bills without money for the wall?

  11. If Pelosi says the moon is made of Cheddar, will you maintain the united 1/4 wit front, Emery, or will you boldly stick with Swiss and demonstrate your dedication to scientific facts?

  12. Such a peculiarly modernist idiocy. We know that modern times is marked by mass movements of populations from the country, to the city, and then the suburbs, and because we are modernists we are certain that where people live now is where they will want to live a half century from now. Cedar-Riverside is a residential living space the way a prison is a residential living space.
    Have the social engineers ever not failed to achieve their goals?

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    Plagiarism is recognized.

  14. Nice catch, Mr. D.

    Considering the number of times he’s been identified as being utterly dependent on his intellectual betters, and given the marked lack of shame in having been so identified, I may be over estimating Emery’s IQ by alloting him a full 1/4 wit.

    Witless seems more appropriate.

  15. given his insistence on his “Emery” identity, my guess is that emery is in the Witless Protection Program

  16. Holy crap, Mac.

    This paragraph is especially important:

    “According an MPR report from the time, officers began to notice that Somali gangs were dividing themselves along the same clan lines of their war-torn country.”

    So, my observation about technicals isn’t just hyperbole. They’ve dragged their barbaric clan feud to Minneapolis with them. And the citizens are paying for cameras and fences to keep them from necklacing each other.

    Well, now they’re here, theres no getting rid of them and they’re breeding like rats.

    What a mess.

  17. Swiftee
    notice that the story was published in an out of state paper – the Strib and MPR are both too invested in their virtue signaling support for Ilhan Omar to report accurately whats going on in Cedar Square West.

    Omar’s parents and grandparents were govt functionaries before Somalia imploded so she’s just carrying on the family traditions: Graft and Corruption. I’m willing to bet that by the end of her first term in office she will have advanced from a net worth less than $250k to a net worth in excess of $1million.

  18. Yes, out of state paper, but one with a decided conservative bias. As such, it’s not as surprising to see such an article from this paper as from an “old school” paper like the Tennessean, also based in Nashville.

    Worth noting as well is that when I googled “Somali gangs minnesota”, I did indeed get a number of hits from local media. So it’s not like the Strib and WCCO are silent on the matter. And for that matter, the source for the TN Star was….the Strib. It’s really mostly that you have to read between the lines here, and that you will be crushed in the editorials sections if you suggest that maybe we ought consider what they’re bringing here.

  19. I’d like to see the true cost we incurrred by allowing Somalis into the country.

    Most of them are on welfare, and get section 8 subsidies. The ones that do work disrupt the workplace.

    They dealt drugs (khat) from day 1. They carve up their daughters coochies. The commit immigration fraud and welfare fraud. They are involved in prostitution.

    Their spawn took our generosity and then joined terrorist groups to kill our sons and daughters.

    They commit serious crimes at a ridiculously high rate to their population. Rape; assault; robbery and murder.

    Thank God Trump put a stop to importing more of these barbarians. The self loathing, leftist reprobates in Mpls would be bringing them in by the tanker load.

  20. Also, consider the fact that the cedar riverside apartments have housed many generations of immigrants without the need for security fences.

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