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  1. I saw a couple of Dr. Who episodes in the late 70s when I was living in England, and didn’t see the attraction. I might have been a little prejudiced against British sci-fi shows, though, after seeing some episodes of Blake’s 7, a very poor Star Trek rip-off. (I later got over this with the original Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy).

    My daughter and some of our friends are big fans of the Dr., though I haven’t heard how they are reacting to Dr. Cindy-Lu Who.

  2. Thiis just further proves Dennis Pragers thesis, “Anything the Left touches it turns to garbage.” Its almost to the point where it needs a Berg Law… if it doesnt already have one. I havennt scanned the list in probably 3+ years

  3. Face it, all the truly gifted writers fled English Lit after being force fed, The Color Purple. They are all working in IT now.

  4. That is a interesting theory Greg, it would make sense because they have to translate IT speak to 5th-7th grade English reading level. As the son of a programmer I know that it is probably 100X more difficult than the average person would think.

  5. The fans aren’t upset that The Doctor has rejuvenated as a woman, or even that she’s rumored to have a lesbian affair in a future episode (that could be kind of hot, actually). The fans are upset that the show has devolved into politically correct preaching, same as afflicts the Hugo Awards. Larry Correia best mocked the trend: “Boring message fiction is the leading cause of puppy-related sadness.”

  6. I remember watching Doctor Who back in the 1980s with much of the same response. Somehow it seemed as if it were weird and obscure for it’s own sake.

    Or maybe….I work better with a brickbat of humor than with the more subtle story lines of the doctor. I never had a problem with Monty Python, Benny Hill, or Dave Allen.

  7. I have been a Doctor Who fan for around thirty years, and this season has been one of the hardest to watch. The Doctor has always been preachy, but during the “classic” years the message varied depending on the writer. Ever since the 2005 revival, there has been more of a political bent to the show. My enjoyment of the show has had more to do with the portrayal of the lead character. Matt Smith was entertaining; Peter Capaldi was annoying. I’m OK the new girl (the Doctor as a cute blonde is a nice change), but the stories (as the article explains) are rubbish.

  8. I also want to mention that back in 1988 there was a story “Remembrance of the Daleks” that took place in 1963. It was all about anti-militarism and anti-racism. It beat you over the head with the latter; the aliens were divided into factions along semi-racial lines, and the humans who cooperated with them were British neo-Nazis.

    So how did the Doctor defeat the aliens? He used a magic weapon to blow up their home planet. Yes, after four episodes of preachy anti-racist rhetoric, Our Hero saves the day by committing genocide. Was was the moral of that story? That wiping out an entire race is OK as long as it is done by someone demonstrably superior?

  9. I watched the 3rd Doctor (Tom Baker) a few times in the 80s, not for the story, or writing, or anything geeky. Only because I had a crush on his companion, Romana: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/0/02/Romanadvoratrelundar.jpg

    I have binge watched the entire series starting in 2005 (9th Doctor) up thru the first two seasons of the 12th Doctor (2017). (Keep in mind that British TV “Seasons are often only 6, 10 or 12 episodes, not 9 months like the US.) There were a few subtle hints of PC here and there but nothing too overtly annoying. I don’t know why I lost interest, maybe the idea of a doctor that old just didn’t work for me.

    That said, if Amy Pond were the companion of the 12th Doctor (she was with the 10th and 11th Doctors), I’d put up watching with him to be able to keep watching her: https://cdn.images.express.co.uk/img/dynamic/20/590x/secondary/amy-pond-karen-gillan-899597.jpg

    I have a thing for redheads.

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