Sharing Democracy With The Depraved

Rep Steve Scalise – who’s had more, closer contact with the depravity of the hard left than most anyone – has had enough with Alexandra Ocasio Cortez’ supporters:

There are times when I wonder why this country even tries to maintain a “union”.

3 thoughts on “Sharing Democracy With The Depraved

  1. Looking at the thread, it’s quite instructive to note how many of her followers don’t appear to see anything wrong with threatening his life in the way it’s already been threatened. You would love, if it were possible, to get them all into a room, and tell them that if this is the kind of rhetoric they’re willing to tolerate, they can shut up about propriety in political discussions forever.

  2. Her smack is weak on Twitter. When she opens her pie hole in Congress, there won’t be a mob of drooling 1/4 wits to flood the bandwidth with background babble.

    I don’t think she’s as stupid as she appears, but she hasn’t learned the value of keeping her mouth shut until she has a baseline of knowledge to work from. Because…Strong Wymenz gotta be loud.

    She’s going to get rekt regularly, and it’s going to be highly entertaining.

  3. She is going to get primaried probably and will be a one term wonder, even her crazy left distract will see what an embaressment she is to the district and elect a less embaressing leftist in 2020

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