4 thoughts on “Get Woke, Be Ready To, Er, Hold It

  1. well this quote is just crazy talk:

    “The best lesson to be had here may be not to let anything other than profit and customer satisfaction drive your business decisions.”

  2. Public accommodations. Public transit. Public housing. Public schools.

    All well known for a failed, unclean, unsafe experience that requires an outrageous amount of capital provided at a loss.

    Public = The lowest common denominator.

  3. Having used bathrooms in Malaysia, I’ve got to note that third world s**tholes are actually quite a bit more sanitary than some of the public bathrooms I have seen in San Francisco and Santa Cruz. And I’m saying that knowing that toilets in Malaysia generally (except for those intended to be used by Europeans and Americans) lack the air trap that prevents the sewer from “bubbling up” and stinking up the room.

    So Starbucks is, in some places, grosser than a third world s**thole.

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