8 thoughts on “Drum Roll, Please

  1. Must be kind of embarrassing to live in a state where the AG is a wife beater & a cop hater.
    But Ellison oversees elections & can file suit against the Trump administration, so if you are a metro liberal, it’s okay. Makeup can cover the bruises, and its only the poor people in the metro that have to suffer the results of his anti-cop policies!
    Besides, he’s Black! And a Muslim! That’ll show those out-state people! Well, he’s not really a Muslim of any recognizable type, but he says that he is Muslim, that’s all that matters.

  2. I don’t know why you vast-right-wing-conspiracy bloggers dwell on this. In the words of she-who-should-have-been-the-anointed-one-at-least-twice, ‘What difference does it make’?

  3. His accuser is a fellow “activist”. I’m thinking she was informed that if the video actually made it to the public, she would “never activate in this state again.”

  4. Good point, John. Really, at this point, the accuser has more or less put the case into the “can not proceed” by referring to evidence that she’s not willing to provide. One of the big things here that is huge is that we need to de-mystify the process of criminal investigation so that those with true accusations know how to better make them stick–and so those with false accusations, or accusations that should go nowhere, get quickly put in those bins as well.

  5. Well, she has reported that Ellison, the Democratic Party of MN and several Democrat “activists” (read thugs), have threatened and smeared her, despite the fact that she is a Democrat, too. She also said that she couldn’t believe that her own party was treating her like this. I would tell her “welcome to the new lawless Democrat party, where only Republicans are evil and idiotic twits like Emery, love their double standards.

  6. Boss, in that case, it’s time for her to work with a competent IT guy and start tracking, with the help of the police, these threats back to the IP addresses, employers, and identities of the perpetrators. I’m tired of the fallout of fighting these criminal acts out through the media.

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