5 thoughts on “Didn’t See This Coming

  1. If you read the article, Richards hasn’t quit, he’s just cut back a lot.
    It’s an interesting website. I haven’t paid much attention to R&R since I stopped listening to it about 20 years ago. I think the last rock music I actually paid for was a Nirvana album. Amazon tells me that the last music I bought from them was the Kathie Kallick Band, “Warmer kind of Blue.”
    Lots of pics of 80s and 90s rockers at nme.com. Can’t be much of an audience under 50 for Guns n Roses. Everyone has gotten old.

  2. I’m happy for him to be able to cut back on what he and his bandmates agree was a problem. That’s awesome!

  3. There is a lack of good rock bands today, but it is not dead by any means. But Keith hasnt been musically significant in my lifetime (I was born in 1986).

  4. When your 70+ it’s got to be hard to hit a vein with that spike when you’re shitty.

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