California’s ballyhooed background check law put in place nearly 40 years ago had no effect on violent crime or suicide, according to those noted conservative tools at…

…Johns Hopkins.

Researchers compared yearly gun suicide and homicide rates over the 10 years following implementation of California’s law with 32 control states that did not have such laws.

They found “no change in the rates of either cause of death from firearms through 2000.”

Of course, curbing crime and saving lives aren’t and never were the goals.

3 thoughts on “Failure

  1. No effect? It is as if there are other ways of taking one’s own life like opioids, knives, ropes, poison, and cars, and as if criminals can get weapons on the black market.

    And gosh, I wonder if anyone, like the NRA and Gun Owners of America, might have been able to tell them about that. Do ya think?

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