Zur Sicherheit Eines Freien Volkes Notwendig Sein

From a regular commenter – firearm licenses in Germany are up 130% in the past four years:

According to [a German news service] feelings of insecurity are an important factor for the increase of the licences. Since the start of the migrant crisis in 2015, Germany has seen several terror attacks on festivals, trains and a Christmas market.

“We must be careful not to get American conditions in Germany,” the deputy chairman of police union (GdP) said. “There is a danger that weapons will not be used properly and that their owners will endanger themselves.”

Given German history, Germans should be more nervous about getting German conditions in Germany.  

5 thoughts on “ Zur Sicherheit Eines Freien Volkes Notwendig Sein

  1. That “American conditions” trope is common in Denmark as well, so I am not surprised to see it used in Germany. It’s probably a pan-Euro trope as well.

    I’m not sure how strong an argument it is now in Denmark because the country has changed, but 20 years ago, it was a discussion stopper, a clincher. It looks to be still useful in Germany.

    The trope itself is also a crock of s**t. For a couple of reasons. It was used to scare “normals” regarding the violence in the US. Always left out was the fact that in places like the Upper Midwest crime and violence are about the same as Europe. Moreover, back in the 70s, Euro crime and violence were much lower than now – in some places like Denmark it was nearly non-existent. So boring of course, and thus began the wholesale import of residents from the third-world to bring some excitement to Euro-lands (this is not an exaggeration).

    And nowadays, Euros have the very “American conditions” they deplored.

  2. What else has haappened in the last 4 years in Germany? Hmmm…? Those rapists I mean innocent migrants coming from the middle east couldnt possibly have anything to do with it could they? Of course not, because if we say otherwise the elites will call us racist and xenophobic.

  3. Europeans will never have the American condition. They rioted in France when the work week was attempted to be extended from 32 to 35 hours a week. In my 20s I hit 35 hours a week by Wednesday, or early Thursday at the latest. We work so they can vacation. Its also the same in Canada, no one has the work ethic of Americans.

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