Joe Doakes from Como Park notes that if we’re really serious about climate change…:

Climate scientists insist we must stop driving petroleum powered vehicles.  Public health officials are worried about an epidemic of childhood obesity.  Cities want heavy vehicles off the streets to reduce wear.

Seems to me there is one common solution.

Ban school busses.

And we should ameliorate schools’ huge carbon footprints by making homeschooling mandatory…

…oops.  Went too far.

3 thoughts on “Serious

  1. Back when The Anointed One first promised to halt the rising of the seas, a well-intentioned friend suggested that The Great One set a national goal of telecommuting for 10% of the white collar workforce.

    It seemed a reasonable idea. Since it would a goal, it would be voluntary and companies could work out just how they wanted to do it.

    It would also have a dramatic impact. Not only would it save a lot of gas, but every commuter knows how efficiently traffic flows during the summer when the kids are out of school and a good 10% of the population is on vacation.

    “Ain’t gonna happen,” I told him, “The Silver Tongued One will not buy into it.”

    “Why not?”

    “Nobody makes a dime off of it.”

  2. No mandate for homeschooling–there is no quicker way to ruin its reputation than to force every dingbat who really doesn’t care about his kids to take on that responsibility. That said, school buses are some of the dirtiest vehicles on the road–I remember sending a note to the Chaska police asking them to start issuing citations for the visible emissions I seemed to see on every school bus on the road. Thankfully, I don’t see that as much anymore, but it was telling.

  3. I love telecommuting. Today I will be in Amsterdam, St. Louis and possibly Milan. I also like buying one tank of gas a month instead of one every week. As far as no one making any money off of this, Amazon is doing quite well.

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