A Good Ol’ Gal With A Gun

A  South Carolina woman kills an escaped inmate who had just kicked down her back door:

The inmate was still in his orange jail jumpsuit and had grabbed a knife sharpening tool from the woman’s kitchen in Pickens as he headed toward her bedroom around 3 a.m. Tuesday, Pickens County Sheriff Rick Clark said.

“This was a big guy. If she hadn’t had a weapon there’s no telling what would have happened,” Clark said. “I gave her a big hug. I told her how proud I was of her.”

I’m trying to imagine any Metro area chiefs of police who’d do that.

Bruce McLaughlin Jr., 30, died from a gunshot to the head, Pickens County Coroner Kandy Kelley said.

McLaughlin and a second inmate, Timothy Dill, beat up two guards in an escape they had planned for days, Clark said at a news conference.

I’m not gonna call it a “Happy Ending” – killing someone is the second-worst possible outcome.

But the worst – a dead victim – is far, far worse.

Too bad gun control activists would prefer women like that to shut up and get raped to death.

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  1. “I gave her a big hug. I told her how proud I was of her.” – Pickens County Sheriff Rick Clark

    In Hennepin or Ramsey County, she would be in cuffs.

  2. Use the money they’d have used for trying and incarcerating the perp for counseling for the one who took him off the roll of active criminals. Notice, by the way, that by grabbing a hone instead of a knife and attacking an armed resident, he qualified for a “Darwin Award” in at least two ways.

  3. I will call it a happy ending.

    This pos had nothing but her death in mind, so good riddance to something that was nothing but a drain on society.

    And one more reason to tell the grabbers to go to h*ll..

  4. Bruce McLaughlin Jr., 30, died from a gunshot to the head, Pickens County Coroner Kandy Kelley said.

    Good, she should be paid by the state half of what it would have costed them to imprison him for the next say 40 years. She did the state, taxpayers, and overall humanity a favor for taking out this human pile of filth out.

  5. Also I say we should open up a shooting range at maximum security prisons for those serving life sentences without the possibility of parole. Not for the inmates but for shooters to practice. Good way of lowering our prison population.

  6. killing someone is the second-worst possible outcome.

    Depends on the type of person Mitch. Killing scum of the Earth whose life is worth less than the average household pet isnt even bad in my opinion, no guilt or sorrow should be felt for this death. Period.

  7. POD, Mitch quotes Joel Rosenberg, locally famous as The Guy Who Wrote The Book on Minnesota permit to carry laws.

    The worst outcome of a gunfight is you die. The second worst outcome is you don’t die, but instead survive to face the possibility of being arrested and prosecuted for murder. A white man who shoots a black yute can be certain the Twitter mob will join People Whose Lives Matter to demand blood. Most Minnesota prosecutors are Liberal DFLers more sensitive to which way the winds blow than any television weatherman.

    Even if you’re not charged, you can depend on the mob to persecute you and your family. Remember the lion-hunting dentist who had to flee his home, the staff members chased out of restaurants? The hate mail and SWATTING and threats to your wife’s employer and your kids’ school will affect your whole family.

    If charged with a crime, you’ll need a big pile of money for lawyers. Prosecutors will threaten to charge your spouse as an accomplice and to take away your children because you’re an unfit parent (you’re a killer, remember, no social worker would consider you to be a fit parent).

    If you demand the judge instruct the jury on the law of self-defense, the prosecutor will oppose the request and the judge is not required to grant it. Self-defense is not a right, it’s a privilege. Whether you get to assert that privilege is an issue the judge decides first, before you can argue self-defense to the jury. The prosecutor gets two bites of the apple to oppose you.

    The jury will be made up of people who have never been in a gunfight but know all about it from what they’ve seen on TV. The actions you were forced to take in a split second will be analyzed in endless moment-by-moment deliberations over a period of weeks, like watching the slow motion replay of the referee’s decision.

    You pay your lawyer through all of this.

    Even if you’re acquitted, your employer likely will fire you to avoid bad publicity and who’s going to hire a murderer-who-walked? Best thing might be to move to Novylen, change your name and hope to live it down.

  8. Even before the legal part of it, moreover, you’ve got the traumatic reality that, even if 100% righteous, you killed a man. Soldiers come back with PTSD for reasons like this. To me, this is far bigger than the legal issues, though those are not small potatoes, either.

  9. Regarding the notion of giving the shooter half the cost of incarceration and such; let’s think about that one, too. Do we want to create a powerful incentive for people to kill each other, and then declare that it was a righteous killing and scheme up a plausible sounding story? I’m thinking that’s a bridge we don’t want to cross, as tempting as it would seem at first.

  10. I’m thinking that’s a bridge we don’t want to cross, as tempting as it would seem at first.\

    Again fair point I didnt really consider. What is this shoot doown PODs ideas day? But no seriously good points BB.

  11. “died from a gunshot to the head..”

    Not only had a pistol. Knew how to use it.

    That’s what you get with a population that is comfortable around firearms. I bet her daddy taught her how to shoot when she was 13.

  12. BB, he didn’t kill me, but the fu*cking punk that shot me (for nothing) didn’t exhibit any outward appearance of suffering from any anguish other than getting caught.

    I don’t claim to speak for anyone but me, but if I wasn’t too skeered of guns to own one in the first place, and if I had to shoot someone in self defense, I’d just take a page from the dude that shot me.

  13. Joe speaks the truth, but he left something out. Even if the law clears you, after you’ve paid your life savings into the judicial industry, your target can still sue you in civil court.

    That’s why, if you’re not too skeered to own a gun, like me, and you find yourself in the position of having to use it, I’d advise emptying the magazine (15 at least) into the enemy.

    Emptying the mag is a sign of fright; I dont know how many shots, your honor…I, I, I just kept shooting until he stopped moving towards me. A point in your defense. It also generally improves the odds against your enemy getting up to attack, or testify against you.

    His family could *still* sue you (it’s happened), but you’ll free yourself of the chance of having to see that punk smirking at you in civil court. It will also give you a bit of return on the cost of defending yourself against the malicious prosecution of a reprobate city prosecutor.

  14. From my local newspaper:

    “This is the shining example” of why owning and knowing how to use a gun is important, the sheriff said.”

    South Carolina, y’all. In a nutshell.

  15. Emptying the mag is a sign of fright;
    Swiftee’s right, as long as the miscreant is upright keep shooting, once they’re titsup on the ground, stop. If they aren’t upright when any of the bullets enter them the prosecutor will argue coup de grâce which can open you up to prosecution for intentional killing.

  16. Swiftee; I’ll correct that, then, to “for those of us who have a working conscience, killing another human being is indeed a traumatic event.”. Better? :^)

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